Squared Circle Wrestling Awards 2010: Voting Stage

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IJanuary 2, 2011

Okay Bleachers, thanks for all the nominations and now we move onto the voting stage. Some categories didn't get more than a single nomination so those will be awarded to the single choice. On a positive note, there are some categories we can vote in so lets open up the ballot. I am also losing the five-per-category rule because there were not enough nominations to separate some choices.

Worst Wrestler

  • David Otunga (WWE)
  • Michelle McCool (WWE)
  • John Cena (WWE)
  • Rob Terry (TNA)
  • R-Truth (WWE)
  • Titus O' Neil (WWE)

Worst Tag Team

  • Generation ME (TNA)
  • The Nasty Boys (TNA)
  • Rhodes and McIntyre (WWE)

Most Regressed

  • Big Show (WWE)
  • Eric Young (TNA)
  • Jack Swagger (TNA)
  • Jeff Hardy (TNA)
  • Kaval (WWE)
  • Kofi Kingston (WWE)
  • R-Truth (WWE)
  • Ted DiBiase (WWE)
  • The Undertaker (WWE)

Worst Rookie

  • Alberto Del Rio (WWE)
  • Darren Young (WWE)
  • Eli Cottonwood (WWE)
  • Michael Tarver (WWE)
  • Titus O' Neil (WWE)

Most Overrated

  • Alberto Del Rio (WWE)
  • Big Show (WWE)
  • Desmond Wolfe (TNA)
  • Dolph Ziggler (WWE)
  • Drew McIntyre (WWE)
  • John Cena (WWE)
  • John Morrison (WWE)
  • The Miz (WWE)
  • Natalya (WWE)
  • Randy Orton (WWE)
  • Rey Mysterio (WWE)
  • Sheamus (WWE)
  • Wade Barrett (WWE)

Least Charismatic

  • Evan Bourne (WWE)
  • John Morrison (WWE)
  • Ted DiBiase (WWE)

Worst Non-Wrestling Personality

  • Anonymous Raw GM (WWE)
  • Bret Hart (WWE)
  • Dixie Carter (TNA)
  • Matt Striker (WWE)
  • Michael Cole (WWE)
  • Vickie Guerrero (WWE)

Worst Commentator

  • Matt Striker (WWE)
  • Mike Tenay (TNA)
  • Todd Grisham (WWE)

Worst Ring Announcer

  • Ashley Valance (WWE)
  • Savannah (WWE)

Worst Referee

  • No Nominations

Worst Wrestling Organisation

  • IWC (International Wrestling Cartel)
  • TNA (Total Non-Stop Action)

Worst Weekly

  • Impact (TNA)
  • NXT (WWE)
  • Superstars (WWE)

Worst PPV

  • Hardcore Justice (TNA)
  • Sacrifice (TNA)
  • SummerSlam (WWE)
  • WrestleMania XXVI (WWE)

Worst Match

  • Batista Vs. John Cena at Extreme Rules (WWE)
  • Hornswoggle Vs. Eagle on Smackdown (WWE)
  • Matt Morgan Vs. The Band at 4th May Ed. TNA Impact (TNA)
  • Kane Vs. The Undertaker at Night of Champions (WWE)
  • Kane Vs. The Undertaker at Bragging Rights (WWE)

Worst Feud

  • Abyss Vs. Ric Flair (TNA)
  • Edge Vs. Kane (WWE)
  • John Cena Vs. Nexus (WWE)

Worst DVD

  • No Nominations

Worst Book

  • No Nominations

Worst Internet Show

  • No Nominations

Worst Internet Personality

  • No Nominations

So there are the nominations for the worst we had to witness in 2010 and now for those that are worthy of commendation.

Wrestler of the Year

  • Daniel Bryan (WWE)
  • Edge (WWE)
  • Jeff Hardy (TNA)
  • Kane (WWE)
  • The Miz (WWE)
  • Randy Orton (WWE)
  • Rob Van Dam (TNA)

Tag Team of the Year

  • The Hart Dynasty (WWE)
  • Motor City Machine Guns (TNA)

Most Improved

  • Dolph Ziggler (WWE)
  • Jesse Neal (TNA)
  • John Morrison (WWE)
  • The Miz (WWE)

Rookie of the Year

  • Alberto Del Rio (WWE)
  • Daniel Bryan (WWE)
  • Husky Harris (WWE)
  • Wade Barrett (WWE)

Most Underrated

  • AJ Styles (TNA)
  • Chris Jericho (WWE)
  • Christian (WWE)
  • Jay Lethal (TNA)
  • Jack Swagger (WWE)
  • John Morrison (WWE)
  • Kaval (WWE)
  • Matt Hardy (WWE)
  • Paul Burchill (PWS)
  • The Pope (TNA)
  • Santino Marella (WWE)
  • Rob Terry (TNA)

Most Charismatic

  • Alberto Del Rio (WWE)
  • Chris Jericho (WWE)
  • CM Punk (WWE)
  • Jeff Hardy (TNA)
  • John Cena (WWE)
  • The Miz (WWE)
  • Wade Barrett (WWE)

Best Non-Wrestling Personality

  • Bret Hart (WWE)
  • Eric Bischoff (TNA)
  • Jimmy Hart (TNA)
  • Josh Matthews (WWE)
  • Michael Cole (WWE)
  • Tazz (TNA)

Best Commentator

  • CM Punk (WWE)
  • Josh Matthews (WWE)
  • Tazz (TNA)

Best Ring Announcer

  • Howard Finkel (WWE)
  • Jeremy Borash (TNA)
  • Justin Roberts (WWE)
  • Lilian Garcia (WWE)
  • Ricardo Rodriguez (WWE)

Best Referee

  • Brian Hebner (TNA)
  • Charles Robinson (WWE)
  • Mike Chioda (WWE)

Organisation of the Year

  • NWE (Nu-Evolution Wrestling)
  • ROH (Ring of Honor)
  • TNA (Total Non-Stop Action)
  • WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Weekly of the Year

  • Impact (TNA)
  • Raw (WWE)
  • Smackdown (WWE)

PPV of the Year

  • Bound for Glory (TNA)
  • Elimination Chamber (WWE)
  • Final Battle (ROH)
  • Night of Champions (WWE)
  • Royal Rumble (WWE)
  • TLC (WWE)
  • WrestleMania 26 (WWE)

Match of the Year

  • Beer Money Inc. Vs. Motor City Machine Guns in a Best of 5 Series (TNA)
  • Chris Jericho Vs. Edge at Extreme Rules (WWE)
  • Daniel Bryan Vs. Dolph Ziggler at Bragging Rights (WWE)
  • HBK vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26 (WWE)
  • John Morrison Vs. Sheamus at TLC (WWE)
  • Mickie James Vs. Tara on Impact - Cage Match (TNA)
  • World Heavyweight Championship Match at Fatal 4-Way (WWE)

Feud of the Year

  • Beer Money Inc. Vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (TNA)
  • Cena Vs. Nexus (WWE)
  • CM Punk Vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE)
  • Daniel Bryan Vs. Dolph Ziggler (WWE)
  • Generico Vs. Steen (ROH)
  • HBK Vs. Undertaker - Career Vs. Streak (WWE)
  • John Morrison Vs. Sheamus (WWE)
  • Mickie James Vs. Tara (TNA)
  • Team WWE Vs. Nexus leading to SummerSlam (WWE)

DVD of the Year

  • Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho (WWE)
  • John Morrison: Rock Star (WWE)
  • Shawn Michaels: My Journey (WWE)
  • The John Cena Experience (WWE)

Best Book

  • Cross Rhodes: Goldust Out of the Darkness (Dustin Rhodes)
  • Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,327 Easy Steps (Chris Jericho)

Best Internet Show

  • Chair Shot Reality
  • Wrestle! Wrestle!

Best Internet Personality

  • Charlie Reneke (Pulse Wrestling)
  • Mark Madden (ESPNRadio.com)
  • Matthew Offerman (Bleacher Report)
  • Noah Antwiler/The Spoony One (Wrestle! Wrestle! and The Spoony Experiment)


There are the choices. Voting will remain open for a week. Have fun and good luck to our nominees. Keep votes in an orderly fashion—after all, I am the one who will be adding up the numbers. Just to be safe, here is a list you can copy and paste.


W. Wrestler -

W. Tag Team -

Regressed -

W. Rookie -

Overrated -

L. Charismatic -

W. NWP -

W. Commentator -

W. Ring Announcer -

W. Organisation -

W. Weekly-

W. PPV -

W. Match -

W. Feud -

B. Wrestler -

B. Tag Team -

Improved -

B. Rookie -

Underrated -

M. Charismatic -

B. NWP -

B. Commentator -

B. Ring Announcer -

B. Referee -

B. Organisation -

B. Weekly -

B. PPV -

B. Match -

B. Feud -

B. DVD -

B. Book -

B. IS -

B. IP -