WWE: Harrison's Top 10 Matches Of 2010: No. 6, Sheamus Vs John Morrison

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2010

Sheamus vs John Morrison (Ladder Match for the Number One Contendership), TLC 2010
Sheamus vs John Morrison (Ladder Match for the Number One Contendership), TLC 2010

Hello everyone, Andre Harrison here for the fifth time now as I take another look at my Top 10 of 2010!

Now, this match only just happened over a week ago, at WWE's TLC Pay-Per-View, and I know this one could cause some controversy, as did my Team WWE v The Nexus match did from earlier in the week.

So let's take a look at one of the best individual Ladder Matches of the last few years, as Sheamus took on John Morrison in a No. 1 Contenders Match for the WWE Championship!


The Backstory

These two first met way back in September to build up WWE's Night of Champions, where Morrison impressed in one of the best TV matches of the year. They met once again at Survivor Series in November as Morrison defeated Sheamus with a running strike to the knee. Both men met for the third time at the finals of the 2010 King of the Ring tournament final, where Sheamus took revenge and beat Morrison to win the tournament. They brawled again on RAW, which led to the Anonymous GM booking a match between the two at TLC in a Ladder Match to determine the Number One Contender to the WWE Championship.

Let's see what happened shall we? 


Sheamus vs John Morrison (No. 1 Contenders, Ladder Match)

Sheamus jumped out to the early advantage and set up a ladder over the ring apron and the announcers desk. He tried to run Morrison into the ladder, but he slid under it and motioned for Sheamus to follow. Sheamus must not be very bright, as he complied and took a kick. 

At 3:25, Morrison leapt off the top rope and corkscrewed over the top of a ladder and onto Sheamus in the ring. Morrison went for the contract that was hanging above the ring, but Sheamus cut him off. Morrison caught his leg in the ladder. Sheamus worked it over and then pushed the ladder over. Sheamus smirked. Good stuff. 

Morrison continued to sell the knee injury throughout the match by hopping on one leg. At 13:15, he set up the ladder and had to hop his way up. He got his hand on the contract, but Sheamus recovered and knocked him down. Morrison landed on his feet before falling down to sell the knee injury. 

Sheamus went for the contract, but the ladder was out of position and he couldn't reach the contract. Morrison recovered and stopped him. Sheamus was knocked down, but remained on his feet and prevented Morrison from grabbing the contract. Morrison cleared Sheamus from the ring and made another play for the contract, but Sheamus tipped the ladder over and Morrison took a safe bump into the ropes.

At 18:00, both men fought on the ladder. Morrison drove Sheamus off the ladder, over the ropes, and through the ladder that was positioned over the ring apron and announcers' desk. Sheamus took the bump on his back, and Morrison tumbled onto the floor. Huge spot. 

A short time later, Morrison headed back into the ring and climbed the ladder. Sheamus returned and tried to tip the ladder over, but Morrison put his foot on the rope and pushed it back upright and then kicked Sheamus. Morrison grabbed the contract to win the match...


Winner and NEW No. 1 Contender: John Morrison (19:10)

Harrison's Analysis: Yes. YES! What a match from both guys! This Ladder Match is everything that a Ladder Match should be. Morrison looked a star out there, silencing anyone who thought he was "just" a spot monkey. He bumped for Sheamus really well, selling his knee-based offence like a pro the entire match. There was drama with near grabs, excellent storytelling and there were still some excellent high spots as well. Career defining match from both men, and John Morrison finally gets a proper shot at a Championship. He's been knocking on the door for going on 18 Months now!


Harrison Match Rating: **** ¼ Stars

Let's see how you found THIS match then. As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the series so far as we enter the Top Five. Hint?

Well, this match above was right at the end of the year, while No. 5 happened right at the start of the year. Come back tomorrow and find out what it was!

I've been Andre Harrison and thanks very much for reading. Sayonara!