NFL Game Preview: New York Giants @ Washington Redskins

Walker DanielsCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2010

Eli Manning
Eli ManningMatthew Stockman/Getty Images

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All the New York Giants had to do Sunday was beat the Green Bay Packers and they were in the playoffs. On the other side, the NFL betting online enthusiasts knew that a Packers loss pretty much meant that the Packers were out of the playoffs. But the Packers pounded the Giants 45-17 that put the Packers ahead of the Giants for the sixth and final NFC playoff spot.

The Giants still have a shot at getting into the playoffs, but now there is more involved than just winning their game. The Giants need to win their game and then hope that other events, such as the Packers losing to Chicago, happen in order to make the playoffs. What a tangled web the Giants seem to weave the second half of every season since Tom Coughlin took over as head coach.


Fans of the Giants, and online football betting enthusiasts, will point out that the Giants barely made the playoffs in 2007 but went on to win the Super Bowl. But that Giants team rolled into the playoffs on a winning note. They stumbled a bit in the middle of the season, but they really brought it together at the end of the season. This version of the Giants fumbles a lot, throws a lot of interceptions and makes a lot of bad decisions on offense. To say Eli Manning is struggling in all aspects of the game is an understatement. To point out that his receivers have not given him much help is to point out the obvious.

The Redskins won a thrilling game in overtime 20-17 over the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 16. Quarterback Rex Grossman looks like he will be taking over as the number one quarterback for the Redskins next season, but with head coach Mike Shanahan it is hard to tell. To be honest, Rex Grossman has not been able to move the Redskins offense either. He only had 182 passing yards in the Washington overtime win, but Grossman may be doing enough to win himself the job.


The New York Giants defense was relentless against the Packers’ passing game, but they just could not close the deal. The Packers threw away from the Giants front defensive line, and the Packers receivers found themselves behind the New York secondary on a regular basis. The Packers running game scored on the goal line and picked up first downs almost at will. Yeah the Giants offense made some mistakes in the loss to Green Bay, but the defense did not put up much of a fight when it really needed to.

The Washington Redskins have the worst defense in the league. The Jaguars were unable to exploit that defense, but the Giants may be able to take advantage of the situation. The Redskins are especially weak against the pass. If Eli Manning can just prevent interceptions and fumbles, then the Giants can put up the points they need against the Washington defense.

The Bottom Line:

The Giants have some extremely slim playoff hopes, but their preseason aspirations and the future of their head coach depend on how well they play in this game. The Giants will rise to the occasion in this one, but that is still no guarantee that Tom Coughlin will be the coach next year.

Pick: New York Giants