Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers: Week One

David ArreolaSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008

Yes, you really are reading an article titled Favre v. Rodgers.

Yes, I am going to be the person you want to throw a shoe (or something a bit more dangerous) at.

In the spirit of fun and games, I am going to compare Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers' performances weekly and decide whom I think did better.


Week One

New York Jets  20
Miami Dolphins  14

Brett Favre: 15-22 193yds, 2 TDs

The Good- You really can't ask for more in your debut for a team you just joined a month ago. A 56-yard touchdown pass to start your Jets career is not bad. Then showing your new team the classic Favre to get a second touchdown.

The offense was great in the first half, Favre looked like his old self. The second half was a different story. Mangini called lots of running plays and didn't give Favre a chance to score more.

The Bad- Favre doesn't know the Jets' playbook well enough to run the complicated passing patterns. So he was left to check down to running backs and quick hitch routes to his receivers. Unless he can start to get more vertical with his passing, the Jets' offense won't stand a chance against the better AFC teams.


Green Bay Packers   24
Minnesota Vikings    19

Aaron Rodgers: 18-22 178yds, 1 TD (1 rushing TD)

The Good- No player in the NFL had more pressure on them than Rodgers. He handled it beautifully. An early touchdown pass got rid of the early jitters, and his decision-making looked good.

He showed great mobility, as he also ran for 35 yards, including a 21-yard scramble. He was accurate and didn't try to force any passes.

The Bad- As with many inexperienced quarterbacks, he failed to recognize blitzes and mixed coverages. Which often led to him running with the ball or checking down to his running back.

Whenever a play broke down, he turned up-field and got whatever he could. There is nothing wrong with scrambling when you're being chased by 300-pound linemen.

However, eight rushing attempts is five too many for a franchise quarterback. He has a history of injuries, and if he goes down, the Packers will have to entrust their season with Matt Flynn.


The Pick

Both had loads of pressure on them, but both shined beautifully. In the end, you have to look at how they impacted their team.

Favre got very little help from his defense and play calling, meaning when he did get to throw, he HAD to make a play. Rodgers got special teams help and defensive help, which made his job much easier.

Favre played a team that went 1-15 last year. Rodgers played one of the most overhyped defenses of the offseason.

In the end, I give this week to Brett Favre.

He had lots of sustained drives, came through for his team when they needed, and most importantly, got no help from his defense in the second half. It was close, but I'll take Favre this week.

Comment and let me know whom YOU thought played better this week.
I'll put the b/r community's pick on next week's edition.