Fred Smoot's fantasy team is screwed

Anthony BrownCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

Like many fantasy football team owners, Washington Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot, must be in pained distress today. Freddie picked Tom Brady as his team's quarterback on draft night of the Redskins players in Chris Cooley's fantasy league ">fantasy league set up by Chris Cooley.

Brady is lost for the season after a knee injury suffered in the Patriots-Chiefs game Sunday.

While watching the YouTube video of Redskins players at their fantasy draft night, I got the impression that they've never played fantasy football before. The first clue was that they were working with magazines for their draft cheat-sheets. Who does that anymore?

By their second season in fantasy football, everyone crashes Internet sites for draft guidance because they are up to the minute with roster moves and injuries. Fantasy magazines, for example, wouldn't have an update of Brett Favre's un-retirement and move to the New York Jets.

Most of the print publications offer current info on an affiliate web site and most serious players go to draft night with downloaded spreadsheets.

Smoot should have drafted a back-up quarterback to fill in on Brady's bye week. That's his fantasy starter now. Unless he didn't bother to draft a back-up because Brady has been an iron man who never missed a game.

I hope he knows to drop Brady from his roster and grab a sleeper quarterback while he can.

As a Brady owner, Smoot should have pounced on Brady's back-up, Matt Cassell, right away. Astute owners crashed their league's home page to grab Cassell off the free agent list. Cassell will play all season and he throws to Randy Moss and Wes Welker. He's the best choice of any fantasy free agent QB still available.

If he missed out on Cassell, Matt Ryan could be available, but Fred has to move quick. I suspect people will rush for Ryan after Atlanta upset Detroit Sunday.

Kerry Collins and Damon Huard could be nice fillers for the next two weeks or so. Both will fill in while the starters on their teams are out with injuries.  

The beauty of these guys is that they are not on the Redskins schedule, so Smoot will not be the position of costing himself a fantasy win by intercepting his quarterback's touchdown pass.

Smoot could always turn to his own quarterback for relief. I have a gut feel that Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell is not widely owned on fantasy rosters. Campbell would be the play for Smoot if his other free agent choices are Jon Kitna or J.T. O'Sullivan.

That's not to say that Campbell should start on Smoots fantasy team until he has a better grasp of Jim Zorn's offense and Jim Zorn calls better plays. There is no loyalty in fantasy football. Like the real thing, it's a business. 

But, Jason Campbell should out-perform J.T. O'Sullivan any day. If he doesn't Fred Smoot has bigger issues than his fantasy team.