Patriot's Nation: Stop It!

Hanz HeiligmannContributor ISeptember 8, 2008


I love all my friends but over 30 calls today asking if heard about Tom Brady??  DUH!  No, I was sitting in my seat in section 217 waiting for the second flyover staring into the sky.  Thanks for all your calls, you all know how fanatical I am and appreciate your support, but this is as bad as the day after the Super Bowl.  The hype, the frenzy, the yahoos posting all over the web. 

Here is what to do.

Put your Patriot Nation hat on and start being a real fan.  I haven’t missed two games in 14 years because I’m a yahoo!  Have faith in your team and have faith in your coach.  You had no clue who or what Tom Brady was until Mo Lewis laid the shining on Drew Bledsoe and he’s delivered you three Lombardi Trophies since so stop your whining and get real!  Your coach, BB, must see something we don’t in Matt “The Backup” Cassell, so sit back, don’t start selling your tickets on E-Bay, and be a fan.