Why Is This Guy a Yankee?

Tom SchecterCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

I'm a little tiny bit vindictive, when it comes to expensive Yankee busts. I was furious when Jose Contreras got a ring. I can't hear Kevin Brown's name without wanting to punch something and break my left hand. Things like this remind me too much of my very first Yankee campaigns in the late 80s, when the team had too much payroll, no chemistry and no October appearances. I still mock the Roberto Kellys and Glenallen Halls of that era as Not True Yankees.

So about six weeks ago, when Carl Pavano started making rehab starts and the local press started speculating on his imminent return, I hit the roof. Now, as he's thrown a few very solid starts and he's probably got an opportunity to cash in this winter on another lucrative free agent contract, my aforementioned vindictive side has come out a little.

I wish the Yanks had released him as soon as he was ready to come off the DL. It's not a money thing; obviously, we've already paid him the whole $40 mil and there's no way to get it back. I just didn't want the guy to have an opportunity to audition for his next gig wearing pinstripes he didn't earn.

Yeah, I take it personal when a guy who's supposed to revamp my favorite team's pitching staff takes forty million dollars to spend three full years on the disabled list under questionable circumstances. I'm amazed that a guy can actually lobby for Tommy John surgery when doctors are divided on the course of treatment and then wonder why his teammates think he's soft.And don't get me started on that car accident.

In his position, I'd have put the damn uniform on, walked onto the mound, pitched until my arm fell off. Hell, I'd do that for free if I got the opportunity. So all of this is to say, why didn't Philly Hughes get a few starts this fall? And if the Yankees re-sign Pavano in November, count on a drunken rant or two. Just sayin.