NBA Rumors: Knicks: Jordan Farmar and 10 Point Guards To Back Up Raymond Felton

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent IMarch 31, 2017

NBA Rumors: Knicks: Jordan Farmar and 10 Point Guards to Back Up Raymond Felton

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    Raymond Felton has been having a career year for the New York Knicks this season.

    He's averaging nearly a double-double, with 18.3 points and 9.2 assists per game.

    But, he's also playing an average of 39 minutes a night, so the Knicks would like to add a backup point guard to give Felton some rest.

    They need a guy who can get the ball to Amar'e Stoudemire and also put up a few points of his own.

    So, here are 10 guys the Knicks could trade for to fill their backup point guard slot.

10. Nate Robinson

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    Mike D'Antoni and Robinson have certainly had their differences in the past.

    But, the past year Robinson has spent with the Celtics has really helped him become a better teammate and point guard.

    Though D'Antoni likely won't allow the team to pursue this trade, it would be interesting if Robinson made his return to New York.

9. Andre Miller

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    Miller is probably out of the Knicks' price range.

    He also might not accept a backup point guard role.

    But, if he was willing to take limited playing time, he would be a really good fit in New York.

    His clashes Brandon Roy in Portland have been well documented, so it's probably time for a change of scenery for Miller.

8. C.J. Watson

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    Watson is currently backing up Derrick Rose in Chicago.

    He'd probably get more playing time in New York as Felton's replacement.

    But, his three year contract might be too much for the Knicks to try to acquire.

7. Chris Duhon

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    Duhon had been the Knicks' starting point guard prior to this season.

    He signed on with the Orlando Magic to be their backup point guard this season, but now that Gilbert Arenas is in town, Duhon appears to be out of a job.

    Since he accepted a backup role in Orlando, he might be willing to return to New York in a limited capacity as well.

6. Earl Watson

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    Utah currently has three point guards. The Jazz definitely don't need two backup point guards for Deron Williams, so it makes sense for them to try to get rid of one of them.

    I put Price higher on this list than Watson because Watson is currently getting more minutes, so he appears to be the favored backup.

    So, while the Jazz could trade Watson, they appear more likely to part ways with Price.

5. Jordan Farmar

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    Farmar had been starting as the shooting guard for the Nets for awhile, but is now back in the backup point guard role, where he is most productive.

    Now, his next step is to get out of New Jersey.

    He could backup Felton and help lead the Knicks to the playoffs, just like he did with the Lakers for a couple of years.

4. T.J. Ford

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    Ford is an expensive option, but he does have an expiring contract, so he should warrant a look from the Knicks.

    With Darren Collision in town, there's not much playing time for Ford.

    Going to New York in a run-and-gun style offense would probably allow for Ford to play more minutes.

3. Sebastian Telfair

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    Telfair is currently third on the Timberwolves depth chart, behind Jonny Flynn and Luke Ridnour.

    Therefore, it probably wouldn't take too much for the Knicks to acquire him and promote him to backup duty.

    Plus, when Telfair is focused and on his game, he's actually a pretty decent point guard.

2. Ronnie Price

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    As I mentioned before, Price is the most likely Jazz point guard to be moved.

    So, the Knicks will probably give him a long look as one of the most promising candidates to backup Felton.

    Price would benefit by moving to an offense that plays at a faster tempo than the Jazz.

1. Earl Boykins

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Boykins is making less than a million dollars this year, so he is the ideal backup point guard for the Knicks.

    The 5'5" veteran is the shortest player in the NBA, but that doesn't stop him from being productive.

    Backing up Brandon Jennings this year in Milwaukee, Boykins has averaged over five points and nearly two assists in an average of 12.4 minutes per game.