Raw Is Jericho: The Fallout From Unforgiven and How Jericho Is Saving WWE

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Raw Is Jericho: The Fallout From Unforgiven and How Jericho Is Saving WWE

Last night, I said that Jericho's World Championship win would get viewers to tune into Raw.  While I cannot say for now if this is true, as it is a bit soon to check for ratings information, I can say that at least one person tuned into Raw for once:  Me.

While I missed the beginning of Raw, I did catch Adamle's awkward-sounding announcements for the main events of Raw for tonight and next week.  I probably missed a great introduction promo by Chris Jericho, but I have been entertained with nearly everything I have seen since the beginning moments.

I was surprised to see that they are continuing the Jamie Noble/Layla angle, because I tend to roll my eyes whenever I see it.  However, every time I do see it, it ends up being quite entertaining.  Regal picked up the win over Noble and I am curious to see where they will go from here.

Another very interesting moment was JBL versus CHL, or Charlie Haas Layfield, Charlie Haas's latest WWE Superstar impression, making his entrance at the same time as JBL—locked in the trunk of Layfield's limo. 

The disappointment here was the lack of an actual match, (JBL walked out) but this was forgiven by Haas's goofy smiles during the pre-match promo, grinning and holding up bottles of JBL's energy juice.  His post-match celebration was even better, as it was reminiscent of Kurt Angle's excessive celebrations.

The next extremely bright spot of the night was the tag team match between ECW's Miz/Morrison duo, and the Raw/ECW combination of Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne.  I admit I am a big fan of John Morrison, so it was disappointing to see him lose yet another match.  However, these four men put on an excellent match with plenty of exciting high-risk spots. 

As usual, the highlight of the match was Bourne's textbook Shooting Star Press.  This ending was ruined by Kane announcing a match versus Rey next week on Raw on the video screen.

The following segment involved tag champs Dibiase and Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Manu (son of WWE Hall of Famer Afa).  Orton began talking about how he took out Punk at Unforgiven, and the tag champs interrupted.  After Rhodes, Dibiase, and Manu attempted to verbally put Orton in his place, Orton slapped Dibiase, in another mark-out moment. 

I'm not sure if Orton is being turned face, or is "out-heeling the heels."  Whatever they are doing, it sure is entertaining.

Following this promo, the three stayed in the ring to face Cryme Tyme and Kofi Kingston in a match that didn't impress me too much.  Manu seems rather out of place in this group.

According to the Honk-a-meter, Santino Marella is 19 times better than the The Mountie (Jacques Rougeau).  Santino faced Snitsky in a completely forgettable match (like most of Snitsky's matches) and Santino stole the quick win with a roll-up. 

These quick, pointless matches do little for the product other than make the show drag on for longer than it should.  However, Santino is a heel who is impossible to boo, because he is just too entertaining in his promos.

After the commercial, Jericho and Lance Cade made their way to the ring for the main event.  Jericho is still nursing his injuries from the previous night, so a swerve or a heel-favoring tactic was expected.  Sure enough, Adamle interrupted the match and said he misdiagnosed Jericho's condition, and in an effort to make the match more competitive and even, he announced that the match would change to a handicap match with Jericho's partner being JBL. 

Jericho had a gigantic grin on his face as Raw went to commercial.  Jericho stole the win in this match after interference from Lance Cade and a Clothesline from Hell from JBL.

Once again, Raw is Jericho.  Jericho pulls off the ultimate heel persona yet again, stealing a win and running away.  It's a bit disappointing, however, that Batista fought off attacks from JBL and Cade after the match.  Jericho stood at the entrance ramp, with a smirk on his face.

Chris Jericho has come to save the WWE and help boost its ratings, and I feel confident in making the prediction that ratings will increase next week when Jericho defends his newly won championship against the previous champion, CM Punk, in a steel cage. 

It's also worth noting that CM Punk was not even backstage at Raw this week.  He was told to stay home to sell his kayfabe injuries.  This will actually help the ratings more than hurt it, because the fans will want to see if an injured Punk can overcome the odds yet again and reclaim his championship. 

One thing is for sure, though: Punk vs Jericho in a cage is bound to be an excellent match, assuming there is no botched finish.

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