The Weekend That Was In Philadelphia Sports: Eagles and Phillies Recap

C KSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008

The city of Philadelphia had a pretty good sports weekend.

We started off with a huge 3-0 win against the hated Mets.

Brett Myers pitched a gem, going eight innings while giving up just three hits and two walks. He also recorded 10 k's. This start for Myers just might have been the best of his career. (The next Cliff Lee? He has been terrific since he came back from the minors...)

The offense wasn't too great, but some small ball from Shane Victorino gave the Phils the first inning lead, and a seventh-inning two-run home run from Greg Dobbs sealed the deal.

Winning the first game appeared to be huge, as it out the Phils just two games back of the Mets and may have been a jump start to a possible sweep.

But in the four of the five series the teams have played in this season (before this most recent series), the Phillies had won the opening game. In those four series, they lost the remaining games in the series all four times. So winning this game did not make their chances of winning the next two that much bigger.

On Saturday, the Phillies game was rained out, which caused the Phillies and Mets to play a day-night doubleheader on Sunday.

The Phillies won the first game easily, 6-2. Greg Dobbs hit another huge home run, and this time it was a three run home run.

This win put them in great position to sweep the series and create a tie with the Mets for the division lead for the time being.

But that night things didn't go so well. Johan Santana out-pitched Cole Hamels, and the Mets won 6-3. The Phillies did score in the first inning to take the lead, but were basically flat after that.

So they didn't get to sweep the Mets. But they did take two out of three and reduced the division lead to two games.

(And now the lead is down to 1.5 games as the Phillies have just beaten the Marlins, 8-6.)

One more thing: Make sure to keep an eye on the Phillies' upcoming series against the Brewers, because the division isn't the only thing in the Phils' minds right now.

On to the Eagles.

What a day for those Birds.

They came out and stomped all over the Rams. It was almost a perfect day for Donovan McNabb and company.

But what stood out to me the most was DeSean Jackson. I was already high on this kid, and had been since he was drafted. But this debut made me actually believe he was going to be good.

Jackson recorded 106 receiving yards and 97 return yards (almost took two punt returns to the house), equalling 203 total yards. That's the single best debut by any Eagles of all time (yard wise).

Donovan McNabb also had a fantastic day (21-33, 361 yards, three touchdowns). In fact, it was his best opening day since...2004, the Super Bowl year.

Some other notable performances were Brian Westbrook (91 rushing yards), HankBaskett (102 receiving yards), and Greg Lewis (104 receiving yards)

Jason Avant and L.J. Smith had fine days as well, even though Smith dropped a few passes he should have caught.

The defense also played very well, allowing just three points.

The defensive line was pressuring Marc Bulger all day, and sacked Bulger four times.

The secondary kept the Rams passing game in check all game, and had multiple opportunities for interceptions but was not able to bring any of them in.

But what I liked from the defense the most was the linebacking play.

Stewart Bradley, Omar Gaither, and Chris Gocong all played very well, as they sacked Bulger, batted down passes, and kept Steven Jackson from going anywhere all day. Watching this unit this weekend was very interesting, as they proved to me that they could defend the pass and the run very well.

One more thing to take note of: This Eagles defense is as fast as it has ever been. Their secondary is very light on their feet, and can run with the best of them. Their linebackers are very quick and agile, and their defensive line has a ton of fast defensive ends.

Overall, this game for the Eagles showed me they may be a little better than I thought they were.

Now, it was against the Rams and that is why I'm not completely buying it.

Nonetheless, it was a great effort by the team and I hope to see more games like this in the future. Go Birds!


So yes, that was the filled weekend in Philadelphia sports. From the Phillies and Mets to the Eagles and Rams, it was a fun and interesting weekend with good results (for the most part.)