Did This NFL Opening Weekend Really Happen?

Kevin NelsonCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

Put yourself back in June 2008 and think of what happened over this weekend.

1.) Brett Favre gets a win...For the JETS?!?!

2.) Chad Pennington starts...For Miami?!?!?

3.) Reigning MVP Tom Brady injures his knee and is out for the season.

4.) Carolina Panthers upset AFC West favorite Chargers thanks to a last minute TD pass from Delhomme. By the way, Steve Smith missed the game due to a suspension.

5.) Orton gets the start for the Bears and they go on to upset the Indianapolis Colts by a very wide margin.

6.) Aaron Rodgers has a spectacular first start for the Pack, completing 81.2 percent of his passes and also getting the win against a phenomenal defense in Minnesota.

7.) Top fantasy football RB Tomlinson did not run for a TD.

8.) The Falcons, led by Matt Ryan, had a field day against Detroit, with Turner rushing for 220 yards on 22 attempts.

Also many other players went down, possibly for the season such as V. Young, J. Garcia, etc.

Since you're in the June 2008 mindset...If someone were to tell you ANY of this...What would you say? Most would probably laugh

This start to a season reminds me of last year's NCAA Week One, with all the surprises. And if this is any clue as to how the season will fold out, could it possibly be a Rodgers, Favre, or Turner MVP?