Hey Vikings Defense I Am Calling You Out. Yeah You Thats Right.

Eli EtzelContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

 Hey Vikings Defense I am calling you out. You guys  are suppose to be the best run stopping defense in the league. I am watching the Packers vs Vikings game and i am starting to think otherwise. You guys are sucking. Also I thought Jared Allen was suppose to be soo good and sack the QB all day with Kevin and Pat Williams on the line also. You still cant stop the pass  Aaron Rodgers is picking you apart with excellent line protection. You cant sack Rodgers  or make him make even one little mistake. He has passed for 178 yds and passed for 1 Touchdown as of 6:03 left in the 4th quarter.

 Your run defense has been bloody horrible with Ryan Grant getting over 100 hundred yards and Rodgers almost 40 yards. Thats sad Vikings Defense for giving up only about 65 yards a games last year to almost 150. A 90 yard difference.


  Your Pass Defense even worse. Rodgers has passed for 178 yards with 1 touchdown. He has completed passes of 56, 25,13 and 13 are just a few to name. He also has been getting awesome protection with Clifton and Tauscher sutting down the sides.


 Jared Allen has not even made a positive impact for the Vikings not even recording a single sack heck not even a tackle. He was suppose to be the missing peice on the Vikings. He even tried talking trash earlier in the summer by saying he will sack Rodgers. Jared Allen did you get the memo play up or shut up.


 Thats enough ripping of the Vikings for the Night. Vikings your defense this year will suck. All you out there who think they are super bowl contenders can put it to rest They suck.


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