SEC Football Rambling Recap: Week Two, Part Two

SEC Idiots .comCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

There was no doubt Tim Tebow would be the one to break the Miami's winning streak against Florida.

He runs, throws, flies, speaks braille. Jesse Palmer should be polishing up his resume for the day Tebow gets cut from an NFL team. In fact, Pretty Boy Tebow may just kick Lee Corso off the GameDay crew and make former golden boy Kirk Herbstreit play the washed up coach on set.

So Palmer has about three years left in Bristol.


In September, the Central Michigan Chippewas are a weak opponent that Georgia should be embarrassed to beat up on. In late November, the Chippewas dominate the MAC Championship Game and are only a year or two away from threatening the BCS.


Kentucky is two gimmies away from being 4-0 for the second straight year. We won't find out how good, or bad, they are until they play in Tuscaloosa in early October. Don't blame them for a weak schedule, either. Louisville and the rest of the East are tough enough.


Last year, the team with an all-fluff schedule was also referred to as Orange Bowl Champions.


Auburn seems to be flying below the radar after two routine wins. Tommy Tuberville's teams have lost some head-scratching games in unimpressive fashion the last few years, but he still deserves the title of best big-game coach in the conference.


The Tigers' defense is stout once again, and get they LSU and Georgia at home. One win for Tuberville against those two is just not a gutsy prediction.


Don't be surprised if they win both.


With all the big names on the sidelines in the conference, we knew someone would be in trouble by the middle of the year. Steve Spurrier and Phillip Fulmer seem to be the leading candidates.


Hard to imagine either of those names being fired, but there may be a retirement in the next year or two. Especially if Georgia and Florida stay on top of the East, which they should.


Auburn travels to StarkVegas this weekend for Mississippi State's second prime-time ESPN2 game in three weeks. Sylvester Croom might be a game or two away from hearing whispers about his job security, as well.





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