New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers: Fantasy Analysis and Weather Update

Jeremy AlpertSenior Analyst IIDecember 26, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 19: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers calls signals against the Buffalo Bills at Lambeau Field on September 19, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Bills 34-7. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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Week 16 Matchup:  New York Giants (9-5) at Green Bay Packers (8-6 )

Rankings based on top 25 QBs, 40 RBs, 60 WRs and 25 TEs

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New York Giants

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Opponent Defensive Ranks

Green Bay Pass Defense – 2010: Yards Allowed/Game 3rd - TDs Allowed T-4th

Green Bay Rush Defense – 2010: Yards Allowed/Game T-19th – TDs Allowed T-4th


New York Giants Offensive Cast


Eli Manning (QB Week 16 Ranking: No. 17)

2010 Season: 305/477 – for 3,458 yards & 28 TDs

Coming off of a four-TD performance, I’d love to rank him higher, but I can’t.  The Packers held Brady to his worst week in half a season last Sunday night, so you really can’t expect Eli to do much better, can you?  The ceiling is around 200 yards and two TDs, so if you’re willing to take a chance on that being your QB output, go right ahead.


Ahmad Bradshaw (RB Week 16 Ranking: No. 17)

2010 Season: 249 carries for 1,182 yards & 8 TDs || 40 receptions for 265 yards & 0 TDs

The 5’9” Little Engine that could will be depended on to churn his wheels this weekend against one of the toughest defenses in the league.  His dynamic play will be a big difference in what could make or break the Giants season.  Bet on a solid RB2 performance.


Brandon Jacobs (RB Week 16 Ranking: No. 31)

2010 Season: 126 carries for 727 yards & 8 TDs || 7 receptions for 59 yards & 0 TDs

Jacobs won’t be able to do much against the Packers front seven so temper your expectations in this one.  10 carries might be his max in this one.


Hakeem Nicks (WR Week 16 Ranking: No. 20)

2010 Season: 75 receptions for 959 yards & 10 TDs

Nicks is one of the best young receivers in the game, but with Charles Woodson in his back pocket, he might not put up the fantasy numbers you’re looking for.  You have to start him based on his potential, but don’t expect the world here.


Mario Manningham (WR Week 16 Ranking: No. 29)

2010 Season: 52 receptions for 711 yards & 7 TDs

Manningham has a chance to outperform Nicks in this one with Woodson playing against Hakeem.  He definitely has his ups-and-downs, so he’s a risk, but sometimes the risks you take get you the farthest in life…


Derek Hagan (WR Week 16 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 16 receptions for 142 yards & 1 TD

With Manningham healthy, Hagan is merely a slot receiver with low upside.


Kevin Boss (TE Week 16 Ranking: No. 4)

2010 Season: 33 receptions for 502 yards & 5 TDs

If anybody is going to make a splash in the passing game this week, Boss might be the most likely candidate.  The Packers are tied for fourth worst in the in defending tight ends, so with Kevin grabbing five TDs in the past seven weeks, you should be happy you grabbed him when you did.


Green Bay Packers

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Opponent Defensive Ranks

New York Giants Pass Defense – 2010: Yards Allowed/Game 2nd - TDs Allowed T-8th

New York Giants Rush Defense – 2010: Yards Allowed/Game 10th – TDs Allowed T-11th


Green Bay Offensive Cast


Aaron Rodgers (QB Week 16 Ranking: No. 7)

2010 Season: 268/410 – for 3,289 yards & 23 TDs || 55 carries for 309 yards & 4 TDs

He’s not Michael Jordan, so I’m not going to say “He’s Baaaack”, but WOW do the Packers need him right now.  The Giants have a tough enough defense as is, so without Rodgers, they wouldn’t have stood a chance.  However, Aaron could have himself a nice game here in an inspirational effort to keep Green Bay in the hunt for a playoff berth.


Matt Flynn (QB Week 16 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 40/66 – for 433 yards & 3 TDs

The Pack sure know how to pick their QBs.  Great job Matty, now go grab me a burrito.


Brandon Jackson (RB Week 16 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 165 carries for 645 yards & 3 TDs || 40 receptions for 316 yards & 1 TD

Not against this Giants D.  No chance.


John Kuhn (RB Week 16 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 74 carries for 259 yards & 2 TDs || 12 receptions for 83 yards & 1 TD

Kuhn actually has a better chance of putting up fantasy numbers than Jackson as he’ll at least get some goal-line carries.


James Starks (RB Week 16 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 24 carries for 81 yards & 0 TDs || 0 receptions for 0 yards & 0 TDs

Why did they activate Starks again?


Greg Jennings (WR Week 16 Ranking: No. 11)

2010 Season: 65 receptions for 1,026 yards & 12 TDs

I’m not expecting Jennings to do what he was doing a few weeks ago, but he’s a superior talent and might be able to get back into a groove with Rodgers right away.  He’s a Jeremy Maclin-like receiver, and Maclin scored two TDs last week against these guys, sooo...


Donald Driver (WR Week 16 Ranking: No. 50)

2010 Season: 43 receptions for 480 yards & 4 TDs

Veterans against good defenses are always a good bet for targets, though I can’t see those targets turning into much this weekend.


James Jones (WR Week 16 Ranking: No. 53)

2010 Season: 45 receptions for 635 yards & 4 TDs

Jones probably has a better chance to do some damage than Driver, though you never quite know what you’re going to get from him on a week-to-week basis.


Andrew Quarless (TE Week 16 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 19 receptions for 217 yards & 1 TD

Not a bad fill-in for Jermichael Finley on the year, though I’m sure all of you with Quarless on your bench are wishing you never had to look him up.