Final Destination Hits The Seattle Seahawks

Tom JacksonCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

If you have never seen the Final Destination movies, please allow me to explain them. It usually starts out with some teenagers surviving death while all together, and then seemingly dying one by one as death comes back after he "skipped" them. If you think about it, a similar thing is happening with the Seattle Seahawks' receivers, who are falling like dominoes.

The Seahawks will have to re-adjust the depth chart again. The only receiver on the team with more than 5 career catches, Nate Burleson, is out for the year with a torn knee ligament.

Burleson injured himself similar to the way Deion Branch had in the playoff loss at Green Bay; cutting on a route which ultimately tore his ligament. Nate also handled punt returns, and was an electric runner after the catch. He was destined for a great year with the injuries to Deion Branch and Bobby Engram. Now all he is destined for is injured reserve.

What does this mean for Matt Hasselbeck, who saw many of his passes dropped in the road loss to Buffalo? It means that for at least the month of September, he will be throwing to people he has very limited trust in.

However, these young Seattle receivers aren't touted so high by the staff for nothing. Seattle drafted no receivers because they were confident these group of youngsters were the real deal. What they didn't expect is that come the home opener against San Francisco, they would be the starting receivers.

Hasselbeck has one week to get adjusted to these young receivers being in the starting lineup. He also has John Carlson, who despite having another false start yesterday, played fairly well. We'll all see how Hasselbeck can react to the situation: he can take a deep breath and pull together a pair of wins and prey that Bobby Engram returns in time to give him a security blanket, or he can panic and have another performance like he had against the Bills.

Something tells me he'll do the first one, and another thing tells me that two straight wins against ailing divisional opponents are just what the Seahawks need to pull together a strong opening month of football.