Billy Wagner Is Out Until 2010, K-Rod Is Soon To Be a New York Met

Tanya MercadoCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

With the latest news reported by ESPN of Billy Wagner's season-ending demise, there are positive things to look at.

Sure Wagner is going to need Tommy John surgery. Naturally he is going to miss all of next season. Here's my question.

What's the problem?

Every New York Metropolitan fan has made the call to bring in Francisco Rodriguez, otherwise known as K-Rod. The one problem stopping Omar Minaya from obtaining him was Wagner, who is signed through the 2009 season.

Neither closer will play the set-up role for the other.

Now, the problem has been solved. Minaya can go full speed ahead after him. Despite the other teams that will be pursuing him, none of them have the deep pockets the NY Mets have. With the revenue from SNY (the Mets television network) and their new home, Citi Field, the Mets just may have enough to re-sign Oliver Perez and bring in K-Rod.

K-Rod announced earlier this season that he will be testing the free-agent market, and he expects to get paid. Who can afford to pay him? The New York Mets.

With 55 saves in 61 opportunities, a 2.49 ERA and 70 strikeouts, he is undoubtedly going to be the man of the offseason. Despite people calling this season his worst season, every team wants him. You'd be a fool not to.

Mets fans, prepare for the acquisition of the year. You thought Pedro Martinez was big. You drooled at the mere thought of Johan Santana coming to New York. What about K-Rod? Talk about your fantasies coming true. 

Mr. Wilpon, it is time to break out the checkbook once again.