And the New World Heavyweight Champion Is...

Andrew FongCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

With what unfolded less than 24 hours ago at Unforgiven, tonight's upcoming RAW is definitely a MUST see. Although I didn't get to watch the pay-per-view, I was by my computer all night watching the updates on my favorite wrestling "news" site.

The first match of the night was, as expected, the ECW Championship Scramble match, and it pretty much turned out exactly as I thought it would; and might I say, it's about damn time Matt Hardy gets to wear a World Title around his waist. I truly believe that the Hardy's are some of the strongest workers in the business today, and I'm glad to see it FINALLY start paying off.

The Tag Team Championship match was one that I was really excited about. I really like the pairing of Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, as I feel they pull off the heel role very well. Cody Rhodes is shining more and more now than he ever did in his program with Hardcore Holly.

Add in the team of Cryme Tyme, who I am really high on, and this match is sure to be great. This program they've got going is excellent, and it's about time the WWE decided to put some emphasis on the tag team division.

I remember the days of the Legion of Doom, Money Inc, The Nasty Boys, The Hart Foundation and so on. Wouldn't it be great to have a strong tag team division yet again? Maybe this is a step in that direction?

The win for DiBiase and Rhodes was expected, since it wouldn't make sense to kill their push right when they've begun establishing themselves as top heels on RAW. What wasn't expected, however, was the assistance from newcomer Manu (Afa Jr. from FCW.) This was a solid idea on the part of creative for a couple reasons, one of which I will get to later on in this article.

We all expected a Rhodes/DiBiase win. Adding in the interference from a new, unknown superstar was the perfect way to take a predictable outcome and put a spin on it. Then of course, it only adds to the events that unfolded later that evening.

Up next was the unsanctioned match between HBK and Chris Jericho. I've always found "unsanctioned" matches funny, because if you think about it, broadcasting the match in a WWE ring on a WWE pay-per-view is pretty much sanctioning the bout. But really, who's paying attention to detail?

Either way, this is a match that I wish I could have seen, as Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels always manage to pull of a five star match and keep it feeling fresh. This whole angle is red hot, and Shawn Michaels is INCREDIBLY convincing. I think he should win an Oscar for his performances in all of his promos to be quite honest.

I wasn't crazy about the finish, however. If you're going to have an "unsanctioned" match, it shouldn't end because the referee thinks one of the competitors can't continue. That's the point of this style of match, to essentially "kill" your foe.

Either way, it sounds like there were some crazy spots, as expected, and although certain things that happened later on may have some of you thinking this rivalry has finished, I'm not so sure.

Backstage is the first appearance of what is rumored to be a "new Evolution," with Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and Manu telling Randy Orton that he should be impressed with their performance tonight. Of course, Randy is not. Or is he? We'll get more into this in a little bit.

Surprisingly enough, Triple H is NOT headlining a pay-per-view for once. Let's mark that on the calendar. The WWE Championship Scramble Match was up next, in which Triple H was of course victorious in.

I want to say that a Triple H victory was guaranteed, but after watching Smackdown last week, it looked like Jeff Hardy could have potentially left Unforgiven as the WWE Champion. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Hey, at least Khali wasn't in the match.

The coolest, yet arguably most heart-breaking segment of the night occurred next. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk was being interviewed about his match when Randy Orton decides to interrupt him. We get the same old same old, "CM Punk is a fluke champion" spiel, and Punk gets attacked by Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Manu.

Kofi Kingston happened to be around and jumped in to save the champ, but this new Evolution assaulted him for his efforts. The segment concluded with a Randy Orton punt to the head of CM Punk. It looks like the rumored "multi-generational stable" is actually going to happen, and it's gonna be awesome.

Michelle McCool successfully defended her Diva's title against Maryse, in a match that was about what was expected. Nothing too great here, and from what I've read, this was the always important "beer run match." Not too much else to say about that one.

Enter, the Big Show. Since being left out of Smackdown's Championship Scramble qualifying matches, Show has been on a rampage to make sure that he will never be an "oversight" again. Unfortunately for him, now he's stuck in the cross-hairs of a scope that he doesn't want to be in; the Undertaker's.

Vickie Guererro is so full of it, and I am so glad she is going to continue on the heel route. It just WORKS for her. The heat she draws is incredible, and I think aligning her with the Big Show to do battle with the Undertaker will be money in the bank. My only question is this: where does Edge fit into all of this, should he make his return?

Finally, we're on to the main event, the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match. Due to the attack earlier on in the night, CM Punk was deemed unable to compete, therefore, he was sadly stripped of his World Heavyweight Championship. Dammit. We would, however, have a "suitable replacement."

So the match got under way with RAW's top stars trying to capture the coveted, and now vacant World Heavyweight Championship. Fast-forward to the final, and  mystery entrant in the match; none other than a beaten and battered Chris Jericho.

This was quite the surprise, as I was thinking more along the lines of Randy Orton, but Jericho is cool too. Now usually, whenever there is a surprise entrant, that person tends to go on and win the match (i.e. Bobby Lashley in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, John Cena in this year's Rumble,) so it wasn't much of a surprise that Jericho won the match.

But the fact that Jericho was thrown into it was what was so cool, and although I'm upset that Punk lost his title (way too soon) I'm glad it's Jericho that is the current reigning champ as opposed to another Cena run, or JBL.

With that, I expect to see the official "announcement" of this new faction led by Randy Orton tonight on RAW. I also expect to see Randy back in action tonight, as it seems a Rhodes/DiBiase/Manu/Orton vs Cryme Tyme/Kofi Kingston/CM Punk match is brewing.

I expect the Kane/Mysterio angle to develop a bit more tonight, but after Mysterio's appearance last night, it seems that angle may have been thrown to the wind. What I am most excited about, though, is Jericho's first promo as champion, and who will step up to challenge him (please God, not JBL).

You've got to love it when WWE throws surprises at you. These past couple months have been full of surprises, and I'm not complaining. It feels like the good ol' days, and I hope it stays that way.