Atlanta Falcons Will Fly High!!

tee polkAnalyst ISeptember 8, 2008

Yeah, I know it was only week 1, but that was enough to show me that the Atlanta Falcons have moved on with the Michael Vick era and are now in a new era with rookie QB Matt Ryan and soon to be elite running back Michael Turner.

On his first NFL pass in his young career Ryan connected with Michael Jenkins for a touchdown, and the most impressive thing about Matt Ryan is that he looked so poised in the pocket and made smart throws to his receiver core. He finished the game 9-13 for 161 yards and 1 touchdown with no interceptions..

As far as Michael Turner we all knew he had the talent, but its hard to display your talent when you are backing a future Hall of Famer in LaDainian Tomlinson. The Falcons saw that in Turner and decided to sign him in the offseason because they knew that good things would come from Turner. He simply impressed everyone on opening day while running the ball 22 times for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns in his Falcon debut, and he burst for a 66 yard touchdown to show the Atlanta fans that they have a reason to love football again.

The Falcons looked impressive in Week 1 even though some people are saying that they played the Lions a team that doesn't believe in defense, but that's not the case the Falcons are flying and looking to land in the playoffs this season. And also with the tandem of Michael "Burner" Turner and QB Matt Ryan taking over for the Falcons its going to be worth watching football once again in the A-T-L!!!!