College FB Overkill: Wait...There Are Bowl Games On?

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College FB Overkill: Wait...There Are Bowl Games On?
So it looks like there might finally be some interesting and "meaningful" college football games on the way as we enter 2008.

Getting excited?

Neither am I.

In the only bowl game so far pitting ranked teams against each other, Texas finished off Arizona State 13 minutes into the Pacific Life Please-God-Let-Christmas-Be-Over-Soon Bowl.

The Longhorns went up 21-0 early and never looked back.

In the other 13 bowl games played to date, the best team we’ve seen is arguably the Cincinnati Bearcats. Okay, okay...maybe Brigham Young

Let me ask you, honestly: Wouldn’t you rather spend your holiday season watching games between teams that are actually playing for something?

There have been close games in this year’s bowl season, but does it matter?

Like most fans out there, I think it’s time for a college football playoff. Unfortunately, until that happens, we're stuck with Alabama v. Colorado in the Battle for the City of Shreveport.

In truth, there are only four games that have any bearing on how we'll all remember the 2007 college football season:

Hawaii v. Georgia and Illinois v. USC, both on January 1st; Kansas v. Virginia Tech on January 3rd; and OSU v. LSU on January 7th.

(For those of you who feel like arguing, I like Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio State.)

If you’re like me, you’ve already got these dates circled on the calendar, and are excited about seeing the results.

But if you’re like me, your TV is off until then.

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