Its in the hands of Russell

greg pitschSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008

In the last few years there hasn't been an opportunity like this in week one for the Raiders. On Sunday two of the four teams in the AFC West lost their games. The Chiefs fell to New England, and the Chargers lost in the final seconds to the Panthers, leaving tonights game with more emphasis than what was thought.



The Broncos come into town looking like the "Broncos," except they will be playing with a more depleted WR corps than ours. With Brandon Marshall out, our number one corner is now covering a 2, and our 2 is going to have an easy night on a number 3 WR. This will make them more inclined to run the ball. If we can stop the run like I predict they can, it will leave the win on Russell's shoulders.



In order to control the clock tonight the Raiders will need great play out of our running backs. Darren McFadden will need to stay in bounds on his long runs up the sidelines, and Bush will need to make key contributions in short yardage plays. We know what Fargas can bring so we will say he needs to come out fired up for the game.



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