Nik ScaliseContributor ISeptember 8, 2008


This match up is much simpler than people are making it out to be.  The vital components and areas of this game you can count are the defensive side of the ball.  Green Bay and Minnesota both have outstanding defenses that will game plan to stop the run and not allow either running back to control the game.

In my opinion, Jackson has the game time and playing edge over Rodgers.  Rodgers clearly knows the offense but can he execute when it counts.

Look for each team to have a few big plays as the defenses pressure the line of scrimmage.  The new no catch force out rule will eliminate the random, toss up, sideline pass plays which should benefit a lower scoring game.

Look for an extremely tight game, so nothing glaring to benefit a team pick. Commish:  UNDER 37


BRONCOS VS RAIDERS (+3) Total 40.5

This game is interesting and has several areas of interest.  For starters you have Bly and Bailey on the corners but new safeties on a defense that was quite awful against the run last year.  While Russel tries to settle in, look for the Raiders to work the run to open up the passing lanes.  However Javon Walker, even if he plays, will not be 100% with his hamstring, not good to have your #1 out in your home opener.

As for Denver they are in a similar situation with Brandon Marshall.  Cutler has some series pressure this year to produce and you know the Broncos like the Raiders will pound away on the run since the Raiders struggle on the defensive line.

Raiders games are always tough to find quality answers but with talented running backs on both sides of the ball against struggling run stopping defense, I think it may loosen things up for both quarterbacks and turn in a high scoring game. Commish: Over 40.5