The Cardiac Cats are Back!

NC NighthawkAnalyst ISeptember 8, 2008

As a Carolina Panthers fan, I was so thrilled and proud of my NFL team and their persistence of not giving up, winning as time expired.  Unbelievable.  Awesome.

The victory over the Sand Diego Chargers was one of the biggest wins in Panthers team history but it was not one of the best games played in their history.  Carolina needs to work on their red zone offense, time management in the last minute of play, and a few minor things.

The game’s final play epitomizes why John Fox sticks with Jake Delhomme.  Jake has average talent but he is a most fierce competitor and team leader.

His eyes met Rosario’s and Delhomme rifled a pass through three defenders – straight into the middle of the defense, as if aiming at its heart. Rosario, positioned in the back of the end zone, reached up and made the catch like he was wearing glue gloves, stunning the Chargers and their raucous fans and igniting a Carolina celebration.

With two seconds remaining, Chargers fans making a tremendous din and Carolina trailing 24-19, Delhomme called a play named “74 Rocket,” one that's already gone down among the biggest in Panthers history – along with others such as Delhomme's game-winning pass to Ricky Proehl against Jacksonville in 2003 and Steve Smith's game-winner in overtime against the St. Louis Rams in that season's playoffs.

Panthers stun Chargers on last play |

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