NTWWC Cycle 1: NXT Gen. Week 6

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NTWWC Cycle 1: NXT Gen. Week 6

Well, we're finally here. The finals. So let me jump right into things!

A week ago I challenged the two finalists of NTWWC, Jade and Chris Freeman, to write one last article on the history of women in the spectacle that is Wrestlemania. Thankfully, both delivered their articles (part of the reason why they're finalists).

But, there is a twist, as usual. I stated that YOU the FANS would be voting for the inaugural winner of NTWWC. So the way it's going to work is:

*You read both articles

*Through MY CONTACT BUTTON ONLY (as to not reveal a winner early on) put the name of the person who you want to win

Simple enough, no? Voting will end December 28th, 12:00 PM (not am). The winner will be revealed then. I ask you all to vote for who you truly feel deserves the win and not for who you like better. This isn't the WWE, we aren't playing with backstage politics here. Here are the articles:

(Please take some time to comment on these articles, because Jade and Chris worked really hard on them. Thank you!)



The prizes remain the same, with an added bonus. Aside from the distinct honor of calling yourself the first ever NTWWC winner (because there will be more cycles to come) you get a graphic of your choosing (Twitter layout, new icon, etc etc), a winners' poster, and a button stating you're the inaugural NTWWC champ.

Only the best of the best make it to this competition, so I hope you all had fun and feel great about taking part in it!

Now get to voting people!


Author's Note: There actually won't be a NTWWC intro, because none of my friends are able to do it and won't support it. Apologies.

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