Formula 1 a Little Too Interesting?

Mikey RigbyContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

Recently, there has been much speculation in the news, and indeed on Bleacher Report, about Formula 1 being uninteresting.

This past weekend, at the Belgian Gand Prix, the race was thrilling, and it went all the way to the wire.

In the end, Lewis Hamilton won the race, only to learn that he had earnt himself a 25 second penalty.

The penalty was levied because Lewis cut a chicane in order to overtake championship rival Raikkonen. It was said that Lewis gained an advantage over his opponent and hadn't properly given the position back.

But after he had cut the chicane, Hamilton did allow his competitor to regain the spot. Therefore, no advantage was gained.

So has the penalty been put in place just to keep the sport as boring as possible, or should the rules be lightened up a bit in order for the sport to remain popular?