St. Louis Cardinals Top 30 Prospects

Joel KochSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008

It’s getting closer and closer. What you may ask? The time where Baseball America ranks all 30 organization’s best prospects.

I couldn’t tell you the top prospect for any organization, except for one; therefore, that’s the one I’ll look at.

Three guesses who.

It shouldn’t take you three guesses. I’m looking at the St. Louis Cardinals Top 30 prospects.

In this article, I’ll write out my top 30 prospects, my candidates for break out prospects, sleepers, top 2009 rookie, and organizational pitchers and players of the year. I emphasize ‘my’ because this is all my thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

How this will work is, each prospect will be numbered. Following their name will be a parenthesis with letters in them. That represents the highest level that prospect has reached in 2008.

St. Louis Cardinals Top 30 Prospects

  1. Colby Rasmus (AAA)
  2. Daryl Jones (AA)
  3. Brett Wallace (AA)
  4. Jess Todd (AAA)
  5. Jaime Garcia (MLB)
  6. Clayton Mortenson (AAA)
  7. Lance Lynn (Low A)
  8. David Freese (AAA)
  9. Jon Jay (AAA)
  10.   Niko Vasquez (L-A)
  11.   Nick Addition (High A)
  12.   Bryan Anderson (AAA)
  13.   Jason Motte (MLB)
  14.   Allen Craig (AA)
  15.   Pete Kozma (H-A)
  16.   Shane Robinson (AAA)
  17.   P.J Walters (AAA)
  18.   Mitchell Boggs (MLB)
  19.   Adam Ottavino (AA)
  20.   Shaun Graceau (H-A)
  21.   Mike Parisi (MLB)
  22.   Donovan Solano (AA)
  23.   Mark Worrell (MLB)
  24.   Fernando Salas (AA)
  25.   Luis Perdomo (AA)
  26.   Jarrett Hoffpauir (AAA)
  27.   Tyler Greene (AAA)
  28.   Jose Martinez (AA)
  29.   Justin Fiske (AA)
  30.   Richard Castillo

Those that just missed out:

Deryk Hooker (L-A)
Eduardo Sanchez (L-A)
Jon Edwards (L-A)
Tommy Phan (H-A)
Danny Descalso (AA)
Yunier Castillo (Rookie)
Frederick Parejo (Short Season A)

Off the list (too much service time in the Majors):

Chris Perez (3)
Kyle McClellan (16)
Joe Mather (22)
Brian Barton (25)
Nick Stavinoha (Not Ranked)


Ok, so there are your top 30 prospects, seven that just missed the #30 spot, and the five rookies that have accumulated too much service time to be on this list. Now, my predictions for the 2009 season.

Top 2009 Rookie: Colby Rasmus

Honorable mention: David Freese and Jess Todd


Organizational Player of the Year: Daryl Jones and Brett Wallace

Honorable Mention: Jon Jay


Organizational Pitcher of the Year: Clayton Mortenson

Honorable Mention: Lance Lynn


Onward and upward is what they say, so here are my sleeper and breakout picks for the coming season. Derrick Goold’s, who Baseball America turns to for the Cardinals Top 30, are marked with a (DG) after the name:

Breakout Candidate: Nick Addition and Donovan Solano

Honorable Mention: Niko Vasquez, Adam Ottavino, Jon Edwards (DG), Tommy Phan (DG), and Danny Descalso (DG)


Sleeper: Shaun Graceau

Honorable Mention: Frederick Parejo (DG) and Justin Fiske


And there you have it folks. The Cardinals Top 30 prospects going into 2009, my predictions for organizational pitcher and player of the year awards, and the top 2009 rookie. Hope you all enjoyed it.