Week One Trifecta. What Next?!

James WilliamsonSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2008

This opening week of the NFL season has been, in my short life, the most explosive opening week ever. Many things have happened in such a short time to completely put several teams goals into question. I will comment on three events in particular that I think are huge.

Number 1: The most important one of all. Tom Brady's injury. For those who haven't learned yet about the extent of the injury then I will tell you. Its bad. He has a torn ACL in his left leg which will put him out for the season. The chance of this being one of Belichick's ploys to get his opponent off guard are minimal at best to zero. The Patriots have made contact with Chris Simms and he might just be the new starter for the Patriots while Brady is out. The Pats still won but without Tom Brady I wouldn't be surprised if they had a losing season this year. Brady is the offense since the Patriots do not use the running game as much as the normal team. The loss of Brady has put the AFC East into a situation. The situation is like when a king dies and the three sons fight over the crown. Good King Patriot is down and the Jets, Dolphins,and Bills are prepared for an all out war.

In my opinion, the division is so weak that King Patriot may be able to stand up and stay on the throne but it will tougher than making a perfect season. Without Brady its the Bulls without Jordan (to make a basketball reference).

I think that if Brett Favre continues his overall performance, then the Jets will seize the throne. Next up is the Bills or Pats with the Dolphins still rebuilding with the smallest chance of getting in playoffs. Good luck Tom Brady, lets hope this isn't a career ending injury.

Number 2: The Colts status. Well its official. Manning is rusty. After nearly 6 weeks without football he is rusty as he should be. Will it continue? I doubt it. Peyton Manning has overcome so many things in his life that most of us don't even dream of facing.

A father who is considered to be a great quarterback and the world expecting the son to live up to his father. Then you got the Pats defense giving him trouble for years keeping him from the Super Bowl and winning 3 of their own. Then he has to keep his team calm and make an 18 point comeback in the 2006 AFC Championship game to win and finally go the Super Bowl. The guy also has to watch his little brother win the Super Bowl and beat a team he couldn't. That is family love and a star to his character. He has been through it all from doubters to rivals to comebacks.

I'm telling all of you who read this article, that Peyton Manning is going to be alright. Just give him time. He will be crushing opponents soon believe me. The thing right now is weight loss. If anyone listened to Madden or Michaels talk on Sunday, then they heard that Peyton came to the stadium in a suit that was sagging off of him. He's lost 15 pounds people! That is a lot of weight he has to get back and quick! He will be in training this week. Hopefully he will be able to work more with WR Anthony Gonzalez (had a few good catches and a few misses) to correct any mistakes. The Colts may have lost their first game but do not count them out.

Number 3: Charger's Shock. That was a tough game. A team like the Chargers is supposed to win its opener, especially when it is at home. I was stunned myself because I thought this defense would just intercept, sack, and force fumbles all day. Last year they had a +24 takeaway ratio to their giveaway, which was 16 interceptions and a handful of fumbles. So if one does the math then the Chargers snatched the ball away over 40 times last year. That is twice per game at least! They had one recovered fumble and no interceptions. That surprised me because I think that this is Cromartie's Defensive Player of the Year award year. He's eyeing to break the interception record of Dick "Night Train" Lane, which is 14 picks in a year. To break that he will have to get one pick per game for the rest of the season. He wants it though.

Even if Cromartie had an off day. It doesn't explain why Tomlinson didn't bury these guys with his runs or why Shaun and Sean (Phillips and Merriman respectively) didn't break down the Panthers final drive. Rivers looked good and that should make Chargers happy to know they can rely on him if Tomlinson is shut down but that defense needs to wake up. The Chargers played mediocre compared to what we have seen them do but they are still a team to beat. 0-1 does not mean its over. I think they are still Super Bowl contenders, and unless these events keep happening they will stay that way. 

This is James Williamson and he wants comments.