Big 12 Dominates Any Conference This Season

Andrew ButlerCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

     I wonder how some people on here have convinced themselves that the SEC is better than the big 12 this year.  I enjoy and love watching SEC football in the south, usually the most competitive conference in the NCAA, but this year the Big 12 seems better and much more entertaining.

     In the Big 12 we get to watch the most dynamic duo, Harrell and Crabtree of Texas Tech go at it and make a mochary of any good defense.  At that the Big 12 has Bradford, Reesing, Daniel, Harrell and McCoy all Heisman hopefuls.  Auburn has a 2 QB system, LSU has to start a freshman, the only real QB's that run the show and make things happen in the SEC are Tim Tebow and Matthew Stafford.  John Parker Wilson is good but I wouldn't consider him in contention for the Heisman race.

     I love the SEC but the Big 12 is stacked this year, with 5 of their 12 teams being ranked in the top 15, ridiculous.  The only proven teams that can compete this season well in the SEC are Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  I mean 1/3 of the top 15 teams are all in one conference and they have returning QB's I can't wait to watch how things fold in this conference.

     I'm also appalled that the Big East and ACC are struggling so horribly, seriously guys whats happened to all the recruiting.  All I know is that the Big 12 is the conference to watch this year, hands down, though i'd give it to the SEC just about any other year, but this year is going to be an exception.


  Most Competitive Conferences

   1. Big 12

   2. SEC

   3. Pac 10

   4. Big 10

   5. ACC