Justin’s Weekly Brain Seepage: Week Two

Justin Goar@@tigertangentsSenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2008

Does Louisiana look like Tina Turner right about now...?

With Hurricane Ike barreling down a similar path as Gustav, one has to wonder, why us?  I mean, I love my fellow Gulf States brethren and Texas too, but can’t this storm go somewhere else besides here again?

Weather gods, we are officially screaming “Uncle”!

We give up.

We get it: You are nature and you can kick our butts.  No more examples needed in 2008, please.

My wife called the power company today, and they said the earliest they would restore our power would be Thursday and the latest by the 24th of September.  That’s not a typo.  And that’s if Ike behaves himself.  Did I mention my better half is seven months pregnant?

With Southern Louisiana preparing to stare down Ike, football has become a secondary worry.  As in first, my family, friends, and loved ones are out of harm’s way and have their needs met; and second, when and where are my LSU Tigers gonna play next???

With the LSU/Troy game being postponed until Nov. 15, the Tigers and their fans are itching for some football, even if they aren’t able to make it to the game.

Early reports have LSU playing North Texas in Dallas or in the Superdome after the Tulane/ECU game if Ike takes a more Western turn.  Since the hurricane’s projected path is playing eenie meenie meine moe with Louisiana and Texas, LSU probably won’t make a decision until mid-week.

One thing is certain: LSU WILL play North Texas this weekend.  This game would be almost impossible to reschedule, so if it has to be played in another hemisphere, it’s going to happen.

 EDIT: In a press conference today, LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva also added Independence Stadium in Shreveport, La. as well as the Georgia Dome in Atlanta as possible venues if Baton Rouge is not an option.

Holtz on to your hathz…

It’s hard to hate Lou Holtz.  Let’s face it, senility is no laughing matter, and it’s hard to hate someone you pity.  Honestly, if LSU had some former coach pimping their program, no matter how pathetic he looked, LSU fans would love that guy.

But I’m actually starting to think it's Lou’s backing of the Irish that’s hurting them.  Maybe in some cosmic/karmic realm, Holtz’s obstinate loyalty is working against his beloved old stomping ground.  How else do you explain the Irish unimpressively beating a team that lost to Cal Poly just one week earlier?

Maybe we’ll give the domers a free pass because it was their first game, but things don’t look to be changing for the better in South Bend, and the offense is still as ugly as Clausen’s stringy mullet.

On the other hand, Lou’s son Skip has his East Carolina Pirates on the map after upsetting Virginia Tech and West Virginia in the first two weeks.  ECU is not only taking advantage of their opponents’ less than stellar play, but they are also playing some darn good football themselves.

With a pretty weak CUSA schedule to traverse, with the possible exception of UCF on the road, the Pirates can be something special this year.

Their two remaining out of conference games are more winnable than their last two, facing NC State and Virginia on the road.


“Yeah…I scored a touchdown.”

OK, by now we all know that the excessive celebration penalty called on Washington QB Jake Locker was by the book.  But was it really in the best interest of the game, the fans, both teams, and the spirit of competition to launch that yellow hanky?

Wouldn’t it have been better to see that game decided in overtime?

Was what Locker did on the same plane as, say, what the Georgia Bulldogs did to Florida at the Cocktail Party last season?

There was no premeditation involved.  The guy didn’t pull a cell phone or Sharpie out of his shoe or ride the mascot across the end zone like a triumphant man-horse.

College football is an emotional game.  Let’s not try to suck the passion out of the sport.  Locker wasn’t taunting the other team.  He didn’t even throw the ball to a fan.

Just because a penalty is in the book doesn’t mean it’s always called.  So then sometimes when it is actually is pulled out of the dusty part of the rulebook, all it does is put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth *COUGH—LSU leaping penalty in Auburn in ’04—COUGH*!!!

Have we learned nothing from William Devane’s sage-like mantra in the “Bad News Bears in Breaking Training”?

“Let them play, let them play, let them play!!!”


And in normal college football cities around the nation…

You'd have to be the victim of widespread power outages caused by a natural disaster not to know that this is the weekend that Ohio State travels to USC.  And even then, you still might know about it.

During the summer, I really liked the Buckeyes’ chances, but now with Beanie Wells’ status uncertain and the Trojans being at home, I’m starting to like USC in this one.  Either way, I think the game will be a good one, and it’s unlikely the same Buckeye team that struggled against the Bobcats will show up on the West Coast. 

The Purple and Gold meet the Mean Green…

Wherever LSU and North Texas decide to meet, it won’t be pretty.  If it’s in the Superdome, then expect a one-sided track meet.  If it’s played in Baton Rouge with wind and rain, then expect a game decided by four scores or fewer.

Quite simply, just like with App State, UNT doesn’t have the athletes to hang around with LSU.

So this week I offer you three scores, one for each of the three possible venues.

In Tiger Stadium: LSU 31, UNT 3

In the Superdome: LSU 52, UNT 7

In Texas Stadium: LSU 38, UNT 9


Lastly, I’d like to thank all those who’ve wished us Louisianans well in the midst of all the storm-sparked chaos.  We’re a resilient lot down here, but prayers and warm wishes are always appreciated.

On top of that, I’d like to thank all the workers and volunteers who have left their comforts of home from all over the country and have come down here to help out with the relief efforts.  It’s those kinds of actions that should restore everyone’s faith in humanity.  Most of them come here to help out and expect nothing return.

There are many different kinds of heroes out there, but let’s not overlook regular people who just feel a need to lend a hand in whatever way possible—for example, my wife’s cousin and her husband, who have taken us in at the expense of their own comfort.  They are getting by with a generator right now and will hopefully have electricity back today.

So I leave you this week hoping to return next week yet again unscathed.

Until next week, Go Tigers and GO AWAY IKE!!!


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