Scoff With The Off: Kaval's Release, Archer and London Talk WWE, HHH Update

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 24, 2010

What up bleaches? The Off is back after some time off from the news, but I found some news about the WWE so let's get to it.


Kaval has been released from the WWE

The NXT winner Kaval has been released from his WWE contract as of yesterday. There have not yet been any details on why he has been released, but I have my own thought about this and it is simple.  KICKING PEOPLE IS NOT WRESTLING. Why do you guys think he got canned?


Vance Archer and Paul London talk about the WWE

Former WWE superstars Vance Archer and Paul London talk about their releases from the WWE.  Archer had this to say about his release.

"For me it was a budgetary decision that was what was told to me," Hoyt told SLAM! Wrestling in an interview. "I was obviously disappointed and felt WWE was making a mistake. They dropped the ball by releasing me; I only regret not pushing the right people harder for more." "I simply believe that I am that star that WWE is looking for," he said. "But in this business you have to be put in the right spotlight for that to be recognized. Give me that spotlight and you won't be able to look away. I will get back [to WWE] and I will be a star. It's never a good feeling when leaving your dream job. But I will be back."

I am not sure if I could ever imagine Vance Archer headlining anything, but if he thinks he can then more power to him.

Paul London had some harsher words for the WWE.

"It's a joke. It's a nasty place. I wouldn't go back there for a gazillion dollars. Not for all the money in the world."


HHH doing a better job than Vince

It's reported Triple H will be more involved in the TV side of things in the coming weeks, a role he was familiar with during WWE's last overseas tour. There was said to be a much more relaxed environment with Triple H running things, as opposed to when Vince McMahon does.


WWE Birthdays: 12/23

Happy Birthday to: Keiji Muto, Juventud Guerrera and Jamie Noble.


This day in WWE history.


Raw, December 2002 in Oklahoma City, Okla.

This was just the usual Raw, but a few things happened on this one that now we can look back and laugh at.

A great tag-team match. Yeah can't say that nowadays. Christian and Chris Jericho vs. Booker T and Goldust. Goldust pinned Y2J. Yeah, can't say that either.

Kane and RVD were a tag team and faced Three Minute Warning (Umaga and Rosey). I don't know how they got put together.

Batista obliterated Spike Dudley, like anybody could see anything different happening.

And the main event, JR and The King vs. William Regal and Lance Storm. JR punched out Regal with the brass knuckles with some help from the Dudley Boyz.

Merry Christmas to Everybody! Off out.