Patriots & Packers - a mirror image without their franchise quarterbacks

John GrayCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

In January the Packers and Patriots were both in their Division Championship games after very successful seasons with their franchise quarterbacks on top of their games.

After one quarter into the 2008 season, both are with their very unproven 4 year backups at the helm for the remainder of the season. Both teams are putting on a good face, but very rarely has the quarterback in waiting been successful following their franchise quarterback.

Unless, Matt Cassell or Aaron Rodgers become the next Steve Young, who had more experience before getting the job than both combined, the 2008 season will be very disappointing for the Cheesheads and in Foxboro. Before Brady and Favre, the Packers & Patriots spend many years under .500 and most seasons without invitations to the postseason.

Without Favre, the opponent will focus on squashing the promising Ryan Grant's running game that did so well in 2007 and force Rodgers to throw he ball. Matt Cassell had a horrible pre-season. Cassel did not lead the Patriots to a touchdown in four games and was on the bubble of not making the team if Matt Guitterez had another touchdown drive.

Boston radio WEEI and WJAB is delusional to think the Pats are still playoff bound with Cassell as QB. I hope I am wrong but, think a .500 would be very good year for the Packers and Patriots. I think both are much more likely to have 6 wins or less than 10 wins or more. Keep in mind that Belichick did not make the playoffs with Bledsoe at the helm and was fired from his prior job in Cleveland.

Teams naturally suffer large drop offs when they lose their Hall of Fame bound quarterbacks, so, try to maintain your golf tee times on Sunday afternoon since your football season will be disappointing.

At least the Patriots can look forward to Tom Brady to return in 2009.  The Packers will still be without Favre.  Regardless, the 2008 season is over in Patriot and Packerland.