New Tennis Series On Bleacher: LIVE U.S. Open Final

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008

This is my latest idea for Bleacher, for those of you who can't for whatever reasons see a sports match, you can read regular updates on LIVE. The TV isn't showing the match you want to see, or there is nowhere you can you can get any information on it. Then LIVE is for you.

I brought Bleacher live action of Andy Murray vs. Rafa Nadal's semi final and was pleased with the reaction. It was a thrilling match and I enjoyed informing people of that breathtaking action I was watching.

The way it worked was I updated the information every time a game was won or a significant event occurred, or every four or five minutes. So all in all I edited my Murray vs. Nadal article a good 12 times!

The way the tennis community enjoyed the article has spurred me on to provide LIVE action of Tennis, Golf, Soccer and F1. Be it game by game, hole by hole, minute by minute or lap by lap, I'll keep you bang up to date on what's happening in that fixture.

As far as I know this is the first time the service has been offered on Bleacher and I want to know what you think of it. Is it a good idea? Is there any particular match you want me to cover that you can't see?

Already lined up to go under my microscope is Roger Federer vs. Andy Murray in the US Open Final in Flushing Meadows. Then you have the World Cup qualifiers which will mainly cover the home nations (England, Scotland, Wales, NI, Ireland) but if you want regular updates on your country, then let me know.

Then an epic event in itself, the Ryder Cup will be brought to you LIVE on Bleacher by myself, so sit back and enjoy America slog it out with Europe.

Keep that feedback coming in because if it's a flop, I'll stop!

Post comments so that we can discuss strategies and what we feel during the game:

But for now enjoy Roger Federer and Andy Murray at about 21.00 GMT. (17:00 EST, States Time)

Here's the link: