Two Elite NFL Teams For 2008

Nik ScaliseContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

After watching the first Sunday in the NFL I think there are some glaring signs of NFL Elite teams.  I know people always like to say that it is early but there is no question that the following teams will be contending for the Superbowl in 2009.

Dallas Cowboys

Cleveland is nothing to write home about and their defense is still miserable.  But this is an NFL team and the manner in which the Cowboys marched down the field was impressive.  Besides the Eagles and Pitt, Dallas pretty much performed to perfection on week 1, both sides of the ball.  Cleveland may be horrific on defense but they had a very dynamic offense last year and supposedly for year as well.

Dallas has a much better one-two punch with Felix Jones and the defense looked amazing.  Although they are in the NFC East I see no reason they do not win the NFC East or capture the Wild Card.

Pittsburgh Steelers

I could care less about the pre-season hardest schedule discussions.  Pittsburgh will always be a contender in a lackluster division.  Cincinnati is awful, just awful.  New management and new coaching is needed asap.  Baltimore, while they always have a great schedule and play Pitt well consistently, I do not think they are ready to compete for the division title like Pittsburgh can this year.  And Cleveland, well you know that story from above.  No one will want to play the Steelers with that outstanding defense come Playoffs.  This week could not have been better for Pitt; Brady goes down, Colts lose, Chargers lose, Cinci loses, Browns lose and Pitt Dominates.

Let's see how the season turns out but I am going to keep my eyes on Dallas and Pittsburgh!