0-1 : Browns Tackle Dummies lose to Dallas 28-10.

David WileySenior Writer ISeptember 8, 2008


So, who thinks the Browns are the cream of the crop in the AFC North?  Buehler?  Buehler?  Apparently no one attending today’s class.  The Browns got spanked at home 28-10 with not much to be hopeful about for next week’s game against Pittsburgh.


After an atrocious showing against the Dallas Cowboys Sunday afternoon, the only good thing about Cleveland was the weather, oh and Cliff Lee won his 21st game of the year for the Indians.  On a warm sunny afternoon, you’d have never known the Browns are the supposed to be the “team to beat” in the AFC Central.


Was there anything positive to take out of Sunday’s game?  Yes.  It’s over.


Cleveland’s offense sputtered, only mounting one, possibly two good drives.  On defense, you could only compare them to one kind of cheese, that being of the swiss variety.


Then there was the coaching.  Down 28-7, searching for any ray of sunshine in an otherwise abysmal display of football, the Browns coaching staff thought, “Hey, this is a great time to kick a field goal, moving us only THREE scores away from winning instead of, let’s see – THREE SCORES”. 


All I could think was “What the Favre!”.  With thirty-seven ticks on the third quarter, Cleveland’s offense had the ball and moved down the field on only their second worthwhile offensive possession of the game.  The Browns motored along on three consecutive passes of 12, 9 and 18 yards just after a Stephan Steptoe 15 yard run.  They stalled a bit on a fumble, but faced a fourth and three on the Dallas seventeen.


Down by three touchdowns, they inexplicably kicked a field goal. 


Let’s think about this a moment.  Defense?  Bad.  Offense?  Bad.  Opportunity for momentum swing by going for the TD instead of the extra point?  Good!   Kick the field goal. Bad.  Let’s go with, oh, um, ----------  Kick the field goal!


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist for a lot of things, and this was a great example of common sense over the safe three point play.  So we know one good thing about the Browns.  Safety first!


The same holes in the swiss cheese that were evident in pre-season were there in regular season as well.  The secondary is scary bad and the defensive line applies about as much pressure as that air thing they use to test eye sight.


Tony Romo was 24 for 32 with 320 yards and a touchdown pass.  Derek Anderson went 11 for 24 for 114 yards and a score.


Dallas had three receivers within a catch or two of eclipsing 100 yards on the day.  Cleveland’s  top receiver Kellen Winslow had 5 catches for 47 yards.  OW!


Cleveland heads back to the drawing board, and let’s hope it’s a big one, to prepare for division foe Pittsburgh.  They take the national stage for the Sunday night 8::15 game.