Poor Patriots

Brent StewartContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

Here is to the New England Patriot fans.  Now that your leader is gone for the season, how many of you will remain loyal fans? 

I personally have never been convinced that the Pats were that good.  Year in and year out they have had a fairly soft schedule.  The wins at the first three super bowls of the new millennium were won by the narrowest of margins. I will admit that last year they had a great team, but look at it this way, a bottom feeder of the season Ravens should have beaten them.  Because of poor coaching, and even poorer officiating did the Pats win.

I say to Tom Brady and his coach , who by the way needs to take some personality classes, in your face!  This is what you get.  I loved the outcome of the Super Bowl and I hate the Mannings, but  the Pats are the most arrogant self centered greater than GOD team in their own eyes.  What goes around, comes around.  Good night patriots.

Lest we forget, the Denver Broncos are coming to town this year and they have always had your ticket.