With Brady Out, Who Steps Up?

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

With Tom Brady out with reports of a torn or sprained acl, who will step up to lead this Superbowl team back to the playoffs? These are my top three options in order to continue the season.

3. Chris Simms- This young kid from Tampa Bay needs a home to play. I have heard that Chris Simms is reportedly coming to Gillette today for a workout session. With injuries in his past what makes him any better than Matt Cassel right? The difference maker is Chris Simms has more experience.

2. Laurence Maroney- Yes, I know that he is over-rated in fantasy football, who cares? Laurence Maroney has the ability and the back-up in Sammy Morris,Lamont Jordan,Kevin Faulk and Heath Evans to lead this team to a top five rushing team in the league.Laurence Maroney is young, talented and has a hell of a cut to the outside running game!

1. Free Agents- I know what you are saying, Chris Simms is a free agent why is he listed separately, my answer he is the leading candidate behind Matt Cassel. But, these are the options that Bill Belichick and his round table of masterminds will likely consider. Options are: Daunte Culpepper, Kerry Holcomb, Tim Hasselbeck, Joey Harrington and good friend and future Hall-of Famer Drew Bledsoe.