New York Jets: 10 Bold Offseason Predictions after 2010

Chris Dela Rosa@chris_deezyContributor IDecember 27, 2010

New York Jets: 10 Bold Offseason Predictions after 2010

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    The 2010 NFL season is nearing its end. The New York Jets are planning to make another run in the playoffs and finish what they started last year.  

    In recent years, the Jets have done big things in the offseason to increase their chances of winning their first Super Bowl in over 40 years.  For example, in 2009, the Jets traded up for the fifth pick in the NFL draft and drafted quarterback Mark Sanchez.  This past offseason, the Jets signed veterans LaDainian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor.

    While the Jets have a strong team, there is still work that will need to be done this upcoming offseason to improve the team even more.

    Here is a look at what might happen after the 2010 season and what is in store for Jets nation.

Trade for Albert Haynesworth

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    Albert Haynesworth is one of the most talented defensive tackles, yet he's trouble for the organization he plays for.

    At the beginning of preseason, Haynesworth failed an easy conditioning test which started his relationship with coach Mike Shanahan on the wrong foot.  As the season has continued, Haynesworth continued to struggle with being helpful to the team, which led to his suspension for the final four games of the season.

    With the loss of defensive tackle Kris Jenkins two seasons in a row, the Jets need a consistent player at the position. Head coach Rex Ryan can take players with bad pasts (i.e. Braylon Edwards) and transform them so they can play to their potential, so Haynesworth would be a good fit.  

    The Jets have shown that money can be spared in order to win a championship; prior to the beginning of this season, they gave Darrelle Revis an extremely generous contract after his month-long holdout.

Jets Draft a Kicker

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    With kickers like Jay Feely and Nick Folk, the Jets haven't had much luck signing veterans.  Signing these types of kickers may not have been the greatest decisions, and now the Jets may have to look back to the draft for another kicker.  It has only been a few years since the Jets drafted a kicker.  The last time they did so was in 2005, when they drafted Mike Nugent (now playing with the Bengals) out of Ohio State.

    If the Jets were to draft another kicker, it would most likely be Alex Henery as a possible third or fourth rounder.  As a sophomore at Nebraska, Henery made a 57-yard game-winning field goal.  This year, Henery has made 18 of 19 with his longest being a 53-yard kick in Nebraska's loss to Oklahoma.

Trade Up in the Draft for a Top Defensive End

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    The Jets defensive line is getting weaker each game.  As of right now, their defensive ends are Shaun Ellis, Trevor Pryce, Vernon Gholston and Mike Devito.  

    For years, Ellis has played a key role, but age is a killer in the NFL and with 11 years of experience, the Jets should begin looking for his replacement.  

    The same goes for Trevor Pryce.  The Jets added him to the roster earlier this season and with 14 years under his belt, he should look to retirement.

    Meanwhile, the youngsters Gholston and Devito get their share of reps. Gholston will most likely be getting the majority of reps next season, as he's begun to blossom as the defensive end the Jets saw a few years ago when they drafted him.  For Devito, he is a quality player but is best suited for his current spot as a backup.

    If the Jets were to trade up for a defensive end, their pick would most likely be Iowa's Adrian Clayborn (photo).  Clayborn shows qualities that can make him a great asset in the Jets defense.  His quick feet and ability to use his hands allow him to cause pressure off the edge. With Ryan's exotic third down blitzes, Clayborn would be a great addition to the Jets' defensive arsenal.

Brian Schottenheimer Is Fired

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    In each of the Jets' losses this season, the main reason for them losing is the fact that they cannot score. So far, the Jets are 10-1 in games they score touchdowns.  While some of the blame is on the players, the play-calling has to be acknowledged.  

    Against better teams like the Packers or Patriots, Schottenheimer tries too hard and it ends up jeopardizing ball possession because it leaves Mark Sanchez to try and make something happen, which can either go really well or back fire.

    With his job on the line, Schottenheimer did a better job at play-calling against the Steelers.  He kept it simple so inexperienced quarterback Mark Sanchez could make smarter decisions, which kept the ball moving downfield.  

    When the Jets were in trouble against teams like the Lions and Browns, they began to run slants with Santonio Holmes, which ultimately won them those games. Those plays have not really re-appeared since the late victories.

    Consistency is the main issue with Schottenheimer.  If the Jets want to be successful on offense and continue the mission they've been on since 1969, consistency should be their focus on offense, and Brian Schottenheimer does not provide it.

Jets Draft a Quarterback

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    While Mark Sanchez is a great quarterback, the Jets are going to need another quarterback in case something goes wrong with Sanchez.  After the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sanchez was put on the injury report with a sore shoulder.  During the week of practices following the game, Sanchez was limited in practice.

    The veteran Mark Brunell is currently Sanchez's backup, but with Brunell's age, it's a smart decision to add another quarterback.  

    Kellen Clemens is currently the third string quarterback on the Jets roster.  Clemens has been waiting patiently to become the Jets starter since the late days of Chad Pennington.  If Clemens wants to become an NFL starter, it would be in his best interests to take his talents elsewhere.

    If the Jets were to draft a quarterback, it would be done by using a late draft pick for someone like Colin Kaepernick (Nevada).  Kaepernick is the type of quarterback the Jets can mold.  He shows great leadership qualities and his size allows him to be successful.

    While it isn't atrocious, his ability to throw the ball needs to improve, which is why he is a suitable late pick and backup for the Jets.

LaDainian Tomlinson Contract Extension

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    After a mediocre season last year, many began to say that LaDainian Tomlinson should look to retirement.  In March, the Jets took a gamble and signed Tomlinson to a two-year contract after releasing Thomas Jones.

    Tomlinson, who was expected to be a solid backup for Shonn Greene, has shown that he can still compete.  This season, Tomlinson has rushed for over 800 yards while still sharing carries with Greene. Tomlinson has proved to be a great addition with his second effort playmaking and ability to be a reliable dump receiver for Mark Sanchez.

    Shonn Greene is still a young running back, and if Tomlinson continues to play at the level he is at now, the Jets will want him for a few more years, so look for them to add another year or two to his current contract.

Bye-Bye Braylon

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    The Jets have given Braylon Edwards his second chance after having trouble in Cleveland.  Earlier this season, Edwards was arrested for driving under the influence in New York.  Because of this, Edwards could face jail time because of violating probation from a case he was involved with in Cleveland.

    Both he and Santonio Holmes will be free agents after this season.  While it would be ideal to have both receivers, the idea of signing Braylon and having him go to jail is not appealing for the Jets, which is why he may not return to the Meadowlands as a Jet after 2010.

The Return of Plaxico Burress

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    If he behaves well, Plaxico Burress will be released from prison on June 6, 2011 and could make his return to football at the New Meadowlands Stadium, but in different colors

    The best thing about a player like Plaxico is that he will work for a low price.  Just like Michael Vick, Plaxico is a player with skill but has gotten in trouble with the law.  Last season, the Eagles signed Vick going into the final week of preseason.  With that in mind, if the Jets were to sign Burress, he will have two months before preseason even begins to learn the offensive scheme and train.

    The Jets will need another receiver next season especially if Braylon Edwards is released. Plaxico could be the solution to this problem for the Jets.

Bill Callahan Is Named Offensive Coordinator

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    It is likely that with the departure of Brian Schottenheimer, Bill Callahan will be named as the offensive coordinator for the Jets.  As of right now, Callahan is the offensive line coach and when Schottenheimer was failing as play-caller in the Patriots' routing of the Jets, Callahan took over.  

    Although the Jets did not score while Callahan was calling plays, the ball was moving.  The Jets would move the ball, then Mark Sanchez would once again turn it over.  The benefit of promoting Callahan is his experience, and the fact that he knows what it takes to win.  In 2002 as head coach of the Raiders, Callahan was able to lead Oakland to Super Bowl XXXVII.

    By promoting Callahan, the Jets will have a better chance of winning and producing on the offensive side of the ball than they do now.

Quiet Before the Storm

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    Something that has cursed the Jets this season is issues off the field.  Whether it be Braylon Edwards driving drunk or Rex Ryan's wife posting foot fetish videos on the Internet, the Jets will hopefully learn from their misconduct.

    The Jets want to be a reputable organization and various people outside of the team do not give much respect to the Jets, even when they're on a hot streak.  In order to this type of team, they need to have a focused offseason that does not include tons of damage control.