The Clown's Blog: Brady's Down But AFC Top Dogs Are Wincing

John SwistContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

    Hey guys, this is Johnny the Clown here but for this edition you can call me John Swist.  Why?  Because this is the blog that will be sent to WEEI for their SportsBlogger contest.  And while I believe I'm a good writer I'm not about to go posting links to contests that I'm looking to win.  So you can enter to win a free tea pot. (

    Right off the bat, I'm pretty much obliged to talk about Tom Brady's leg injury.  I don't want to do it.  The Sunday Night Football game is coming to a close and already I know the truth. is reporting Brady is lost for the season.  That means tomorrow I'll have to listen to 300 "What happen to Brady?" and 9000 "The Patriots suck without Brady."

    And this is what I will tell those people.  Yes, the Patriots are a better team with Brady.  But the AFC's Top 3 would be Patriots, Colts and Chargers.  The latter two lost their week 1 game to questionable (read NFC) opponents. 

    After the top tier, you have in-between teams like the Browns, Jets, Titans, Jaguars, Broncos and even the Raiders.  With the easiest schedule in the league the Patriots are too talented, with or without Brady at QB, to not make the playoffs.  There's gonna be a day when this franchise moves on from Brady, I hope its not for awhile, but the season doesn't end with just one injury.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a big homer when it comes to Brady.  My man crush on him is no secret.  But I do believe this team is getting younger and has a chance to win without Brady.  Now that's not saying Cassel will be the quarterback to get us there.

    For every 51-yard pass from his own 1 that Cassel throws, there seemed like there were 2 What the hell are you doing Cassel? moments.  But after 8 seasons of watching Belichick coach this team, and with the success he's had - he obviously knows more about football than 99.7% of the general population.  I am a big sipper from the cool aid pitcher and will continue to guzzle down the fruity taste of victory.

    But there are tons of front runners and non-Cool Aid drinkers; so like half of New England did after they heard of Brady's season ending injury, let's put on our B-caps, high five Wally and shift our attention to the Red Sox.

    I’m starting to come around to the idea of a Red Sox/Rays rivalry but it still doesn’t sound right.  And I’m looking forward to listen to the baseball talk this week.  That means I don’t have to relive Pollard’s hit on Brady.

     I’d like Pedroia win the AL MVP but unless the Sox are still red hot finishing the series against Tampa in Tampa, and Pedroia is a huge part in that, I don’t think it will happen.

    -John Swist (