Ohio State: Five Players Suspended for Start of 2011 Football Season

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Ohio State: Five Players Suspended for Start of 2011 Football Season
Terrelle Pryor and 4 other buckeyes have been hit with swift punishment from the NCAA.

Five Ohio State Football Players, including Terrelle Pryor, have been suspended for the first 5 games of the 2011 season.

The story first broke last night and the penalties were just announced early this afternoon. In the reports, Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron, Devier Posey, Mike Adams and Soloman Thomas sold big ten championship gear including championship rings and must repay the amount, around $1,000 back to the NCAA.

I find it hard to believe how a suspension can come so abruptly after the story was just reported the night before. We hear about these situations all the time in the college football season, but rarely is action taken so quickly. One must wonder about the inconsistencies in college football. How is it that a USC investigation or any SEC investigation goes on for months, if not years, but Ohio State is smacked with a big time decision in hours?

I also must point out that the players are not suspended for the upcoming Sugar Bowl and one may wonder why, but look no further then the millions of dollars college football would lose in the game if three of Ohio State's most electrifying players were not to sit out the game. These are the inconsistencies in college football that one must shake their head at.

It will be interesting to see Ohio State appeal these penalites because of such a quick and harsh punishment by the NCAA.

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