Couture Vs Lesnar: Facing UFC History

Gregg ManningContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

There's is nothing like the atmosphere at a heavyweight title fight.

When the 20s roared, Jack Dempsey and the heavyweight title were at the forefront. Few would argue that the grandest of nights on the grandest of stages – Madison Square Garden – was the first time Frazier fought Ali. And when "Iron Mike" or "The Real Deal" or "Big George" headlined in Las Vegas with the strap on the line, I hear the buzz was incomparable.

With all due respect to boxing nowadays, the likes of current heavyweight pugilists Wladimir Klitschko, Samuel Peter, Ruslan Chagaev and on and on just don't put the casual fan, much less most boxing or combat sports fans, into a frenzy.

Recently, the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced a heavyweight title battle that will do just that. UFC Hall of Famer, UFC heavyweight champion and previously the UFC's most disgruntled employee since Tito Ortiz became a free agent, "Captain America" Randy Couture, will face former NCAA wrestling champion and former World Wrestling Entertainment champion Brock Lesnar on Nov. 15 in Las Vegas.

This is big. And it will only get bigger.

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