Brett Favre vs. Rex Ryan: Who's the Bigger Sports Deviant?

David SolarCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2010

Brett Favre Vs. Rex Ryan: Who's the Bigger Sports Deviant?

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    The former Jets quarterback and current head coach have been at the forefront of the year’s biggest scandals.

    Earlier this season, Deadspin reported that Brett Favre has sent inappropriate text messages and lewd photographs to former Jets Gameday Host Jenn Sterger.

    Then just two days ago, the same website released an odd foot-fetish video claiming the woman featured was Michelle Ryan, and the creepy voiceover was none other than her husband Rex. 

    This morning, TMZ released an article claiming that Brett Favre asked Sterger for a masturbation video. As if this story could be any weirder. With these two perverse individuals battling it out for creep of the year, we examine who is the biggest deviant: Brett Favre or Rex Ryan.

What Makes a Deviant?

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    A deviant is defined as departing from the social norm or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior. Both of these men fit that description to the T.

    Although both men have yet to take responsibility for their actions, their guilty seems obvious to most. Ryan refuses to comment on this leaked YouTube video and has hardly put his best foot forward. The hefty coach had not denied these allegations, instead trying to focus on the week at hand.

    Still, the woman in question looks like his wife Michelle, while the audio sounds like Rex. But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself.

The Foot Fetish

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    I’ve never understood the foot fetish. To me, feet rank amongst the least sexual part of the body, yet it ranks as one of the most common fetishes according to a University of Bologna study.

    Mark Sanchez showed fancy footwork on a touchdown run last week, and the Jets seemed to have regained their swagger last week against the Steelers, so it will be interesting to see whether this scandal negatively impacts the team.

Rex Thinks His Wife Has Pretty Feet

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    A few years ago, a YouTube user by the name of “ihaveprettyfeet” posted not one, but rather a series of recordings in which she displayed her tootsies. These videos became hugely popular and the YouTube account was eventually shut down for violating terms of service.

    At least when Brett Favre had his indiscretion, he had the good sense to show only one person. Ryan posted these videos for the entire world to see! Still, perhaps that falls more under the category of stupidity rather than deviancy.

That Sure Looks Like Michelle Ryan

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    The handle “ihaveprettyfeet" was found not only on youtube, but also at the website

    Here, the user lists her home location as Ellicott City, Maryland, an interesting tidbit considering it’s the same location formerly listed by Rex Ryan on the official Ravens team website.

    Perhaps equally intriguing is the fact that the birthdays listed on the website match up perfectly with the couples actual birthdays. Quite a coincidence, isn't it?

Scandalous Profile

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    Perhaps the creepiest and most embarrassing part of this new scandal is a biography from Ryan’s alleged profile on The content is somewhat X-rated, so I’ll recommend you view that on your own time, but the introduction is pretty damning.

    Not only does Ryan vividly describe his wife’s nether regions, he also goes quite in depth to answer the question, “What type of scene activities are you active in or would be interested in exploring?” The answers range from Collar & Lead to Bondage to Verbal Humiliation.

    If that’s not a deviant, I don’t know what is.


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    The “ihaveprettyfeet” profile has already given vivid details about sexual turn-ons and fetishes, but regrettably for the Ryan’s, there is even more.

    The couple lists their sexual orientation as Straight/Bi-curious and state they are looking for: “Men, Couples (man and woman) or Groups for erotic email exchange, Performing only (little or no contract), Watching only (little or not contact) or active participation.”

    This very private information was made readily accessible to fellow users, and is now available for the whole world to see.

Michelle Is Quite a Versatile Model

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    Another interesting aspect to this story is that just three weeks ago, Michelle Ryan was modeling in a different venue. Prior to the Jets game against New England, Rex Ryan pulled out an issue of InStyle Magazine to reveal a picture of his wife modeling Jets team apparel.

    “Yes, I’m also married to a supermodel,” said Ryan in reference to Tom Brady and his wife Gisele. “We are very similar in that way.”

    On behalf of Patriot Nation and swooning women across the globe, I hope that’s the only way the two are similar.

More Hot Water for Favre

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    While Deadspin’s new story has painted the Jets coach as a sexual deviant, a recent TMZ article has offered new information on the Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger story. 

    The celebrity gossip website posted an article at 1 a.m. this morning, claiming Brett Favre requested a video of Sterger masturbating in addition to sending her photos of his penis.

    According to a source close to the investigation, this request was made months after the initial sexts were sent.


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    There are a few things that make these two individuals tough to compare. While Rex Ryan posted information and videos, at least it was with his wife.

    Favre is a married man who sent lewd photos to a random woman nearly half his age. However, nude photographs are considered far more normal than foot fetishes and bondage.

    Also, Ryan knowingly posted this information onto the Internet and seems to enjoy the attention he received from other men looking at his wife. Favre on the other hand was trying to be discrete, until the Deadspin article blew the lid off the story.

    In that sense, Ryan may be more of a deviant than Favre.


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    Obviously the moral implications between these two differ. After all, Rex Ryan is in a monogamous relationship that happens to feature a foot fetish, while Brett Favre is attempting to cheat with a young woman that looks eerily similar to a hotter version of his wife.

    However, the question isn’t which act is more deplorable. Were that the case, one could hardly fault Ryan for exploring his sexuality. 

    The truth is that people send naked photographs to each other all the time. In the NBA Greg Oden, George Hill and others have seen their explicit photographs make their rounds across the Internet. However, it is extremely rare that one glimpses an inside look into the abnormal sexual inclinations of athletes and celebrities.

    There may have been nothing inherently wrong with Ryan’s actions as there were with Favre’s, but the Jets head coach is the bigger deviant.