A shotgun wedding

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 7, 2008

Jason Campbell is going to be moving backwards in an effort to move the Washington Redskins' offense forward.

The quarterback will be lining up in the shotgun formation more often after finding a comfort level there in the late going against the Giants.

Campbell had 15 attempts out of the shotgun against the Giants and he completed 10 of them for 99 yards. He was well under 50% (5 for 12) when lined up behind center.

It needs to be noted that the majority of the shotgun snaps came after the Giants had built a 16-0 lead and it's possible that the improved passing performance was due to the New York defense playing soft in order to protect the lead.

Still, if Campbell is more comfortable in the 'gun, it's worth a shot. It would have to help with issues with his footwork, which is something that Mark Newgent of the Redskins Examiner noted as an issue when evaluating Campbell's performance against the Giants.

It's not something that in and of itself is going to make dramatic improvements. Campbell still has to read the defense, find his receiver, and make the throw. Those are the big things, but a little thing like taking a couple of steps off of the three-step drop could help get them done.