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The Rock NDNation.comSenior Analyst ISeptember 7, 2008

While the Irish football team is fighting to get back to the top, the basketball team is already projected there. Some have ranked the Irish as high as 4th in the country. And this weekend Mike Brey added a third commitment to join 6'8" Jack Cooley and 6'5" Joey Brooks. The Irish added Mike Broghammer a 6'8" forward who's been a rising player on the AAU circuit.

A scrimmage report on The Pit describes the 6'8" Broghammer as "physically imposing, but didn't do much offensively. Claimed his space in the paint well." As most Brey recruits do, Broghammer has a good outside shot. He also has a cool ethnic name.

Here's the rest of the scrimmage update from The Pit (also note Kurt ONeill's update on Ryan Kelly:)

1. Vogrich shot the ball well, but was very undersized. Maybe it was just that he was standing beside TJ, Gody and the rest who look very put together physically, but he looked waifish. I've got to say...nothing about his presence said Big East guard to me. Probably hit 3 of 6 from behind the arc.

Broghammer is physically imposing, but didn't do much offensively. Claimed his space in the paint well, but didn't see much from him offensively. He played with Gody, who got the vast majority of his team's touches.

2. Tj, Ayers, Abro, Luke and Vogrich beat Mac, Gody, Broghammer, Peoples and some kid I don't know three straight. Ayers was the best offensive player in the building those first three games, drilling everything. Mac was pretty pissed off at his team for all of the clean looks Ayers got.

3. Gody was probably 8-12 from behind the 3-point line during the scrimmage. They ran multiple plays to get him free from deep, and he responded. It was very impressive. He looks awesome physically. He had many big dunks and soft moves around the hoop. Looks ready to replicate last year's stats.

Gody is also sporting a new tattoo up his left side that says TBH (maybe TDH?)...not sure what this means.

4. Once Mac's team lost twice, he left the court and didn't come back. Looked good while he played. At no time while sitting out did he not have a ball in his hands...constantly dribbling between his legs, doing trick-speed stuff. An absolute gym rat.

5. Ayers, as I mentioned above, shot often and with a lot of confidence. TJ kept feeding him, and talking him up the whole game. Ayers seems like a player that needs confidence to perform, and Jackson knew it.

6. Scott has added a little bulk, but needs more. He's still freakishly athletic, but he never really made a decisive offensive move that I saw. Nash looks a little bigger, and is very comfortable with the ball in his hands.

7. Zeller provided the best moment off the whole scrimmage. TJ fed him the ball streaking baseline, prompting Zeller to dunk emphatically over Broghammer. The team cheered and laughed like it was something they had never seen before. Zeller also shot the ball very well.

8. Abro looks very even keel and is a solid shooter, but is definitely a step slow.

9. Hillesland looked to be nursing his right foot and didn't play. People only played the first game.

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