Breaking News: Bowl Game Anticipated by All

jeff tydemanAnalyst IDecember 29, 2007

Everybody in this friendly, historic American city is excited about the corporate-sponsored college football bowl game to be played here over the holidays.

"We're really enthused about having these two teams, who have fought so hard and against such adversity, only to triumph triumphantly, come here to play a basically meaningless exhibition game in front of thousands of people who will be here and see a game played," said Frank Whiteman, organizer and president of the local bowl, in a jocular manner.

Both teams deplaned to interest from people at the airport.

"This is a business trip for us," declared the quarterback from the first team to arrive, a handsome and intense young man. "If we see some sights, like the local spot that is famous, or eat a gluttonous buffet at a chain restaurant, great. But we look at this as a chance to win and avenge ourselves of things that may or may not have been written or said about us."

The other team, which flew in second, was a stark contrast.

"This is a reward for us having a successful season, so I want to see the kids have a good time," claimed their coach, a beloved man of immense weight and health problems. "At the same time, we'll do our best to win the game that will be played here in this American city at the famous building where so many sporting events have transpired. Of course, if we win, that would silence the people who have allegedly criticized us this year."

And the coaches and players weren't the only ones excited.

"I'm just enjoying this weather, which is completely different from the weather we have in the city where the team that I root for comes from," said Steve Mancuso, a fan of one of the teams playing in the college football bowl game here. "This entire experience is so unique, it couldn't possibly be described generically."