Sports Illustrated's Brooklyn Decker Is 2010's Hottest WAG

Robert CobbCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2010

Sports Illustrated's Brooklyn Decker Is 2010's Hottest WAG

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    A follow-up to my very popular "Jenn Sterger, Elin Nordegren and Erin Andrews Are 2010's Most Controversial Women" slide-show featured here on Bleacher Report, this slide-show will feature the Top 10 most buzz-worthy, talked about and high profile WAG's of 2010.  

    These women some are models, actresses, R&B singers, scorned wives and mistresses made headlines all around the world in one way or another this year.  

    And now here are the Top 10 WAG's of 2010.

#1 Mrs. Andy Roddick, Sports Illustrated Model/Actress, Brooklyn Decker

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    Simply stunning and beautiful, there are not enough words that do the 23-year-old wife of US tennis star, Andy Roddick justice.

    The Kettering, Ohio native made news this year by being on the cover of the 2010 Sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

    Decker has also posed for Victoria's Secret's 2010 "Swim" collection. She has also made TV guest spots on Chuck, My Ugly Betty and TNT's Royal Pains.

    While Roddick may be a bit of a annoying and arrogant jerk, you can't hate on his taste in the woman department.

#2 The Siberian Siren, Maria Sharapova

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    Tall, blond, fierce and simply beautiful, WTA tennis superstar, Maria Sharapova is quite simply a modern-day Aphrodite. 

    Recently she announced her engagement to former Los Angeles Laker and current New Jersey Nets shooting guard, Sasha Vujacic. 

    The 6' Siberian siren is a true terror on the court and a lovely goddess off of it as her public profile extends beyond tennis, as she has been featured in a number of modeling assignments, including a feature in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

    Also she has been featured in many advertisements including Nike, Prince, Canon and many more, also being the face of many fashion houses, primarily Cole Haan

    Congrats Maria!

#3 Cover Girl, Irina Shayk

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    Not well-known in the States, Russian fashion model, Irina Shayk is the current girlfriend of Real Madrid footballer, Cristian Ronaldo. 

    The 24 year old native of Yemanzhelinsk, Russia, is a Russian model known for her 2007- 2010 appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. 

    Shayk has also been featured in various media ranging from GQ Spain, Elle Spain, GQ South Africa, Ocean Drive, Woman Spain, Paris Capital, Jalouse, Annabelle, and Bolero

    US based women's magazine, Glamour named her the "Best International Model of 2010"  

    If Ronaldo and Shayk continue to be a item in 2011, you can bet that she will become more well-known in the States.

#4 The $100 Million Dollar Divorcee, Elin Nordegren

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    Sometimes you have to wonder what happens when a man has too much of everything?

    Too much money, too much ego, and too much time on his hands with other women, how easily a fool is departed from his money.  

    In the case of Elin Nordegren and her now ex-philandering husband, Tiger Woods, she was the epitome of class, perseverance and class.

    Shame on Tiger for letting this prize go.

#5 Caribbean Songbird, Rihanna

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    Protege of Jay-Z, BFF of pop star Katy Perry and a symbol of strength in coming back for a highly publicized domestic beating by Chris Brown, R&B pop star, Rihanna made waves in 2010.

    Rihanna would produce smash hits, "Only Girl In the World", "Love You When You Lie" featuring Enimem and "What's My Name" 

    Rihanna would enter WAG status by dating Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, Matt Kemp in 2010, and while the relationship did not last, Rihanna and her music playing on the airwaves everywhere and her relationship with Kemp most certainly provided a worthy buzz. 

#6 A Beautiful Distraction, Sara Carbonero

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    Can you blame Spanish goalkeeper, Iker Casillas for being so easily distracted by his Spanish TV journalist girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, who was voted "The Sexiest Reporter in the World" by FHM USA.

    Carbonero rose to infamy for being the reason why lowly Switzerland upset the defending European champion, Spain in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  

    While Spain would go on to win the World Cup in South Africa, Carbonero and her reputation were further enhanced while during mid-interview she would kiss Casillas on air.

    Muy caliente! 

#7 The Good Wife, Colleen Rooney

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    Once again this is the case of a superstar athlete with too much money and not enough common sense at the time of a obvious indiscretion. Case in point Wayne Rooney's affair with Jennifer Thompson.

    During August 2010 it was widely reported and later confirmed that husband, Wayne Rooney of English Premier League football club, Manchester United slept with prostitute, Jennifer Thompson, while Colleen was pregnant. 

    The intense media fire-storm was so manic that Rooney was held out of road fixtures in fear of being taunted and jeered ruthlessly.

    Despite the infidelity, Colleen and Wayne are still happily together with their one-year old son, Kai Wayne Rooney

#8 No To New York!, Kristie Lee

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    It takes a lot to make your husband turn down $150 - $170 million dollars in New York.

    Depending on whether you're a Yankees fan or Phillies fan you are either cursing at Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Cliff Lee's wife, Kristie for being the main reason why Lee is not in pinstripes or calling her the second coming of Mother Theresa.  

    Depending on your point of view I would not want MY wife subjected to verbal abuse and taunting in any stadium, let alone my own. Never underestimate the power of a woman and her hold on her man.  

    Kristie Lee is the best example of pulling rank.

#9 No Longer Despeate, Eva Longoria

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    Hard to believe that the Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria is back on the market, especially after it was recently revealed in late 2010 that soon-to-be ex husband, San Antonio Spurs point guard, Tony Parker cheated on her with Erin Berry the wife of ex-Spur, Brent Barry.  

    Sometimes men just don't think with the right head, and in the case of Parker he was clearly thinking with his other one.

#10 Esquire's 2010 Sexiest Woman Alive, Minka Kelly

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    While many may know her for her role of Lyla Garrity on NBC's Friday Night Light's, 2010 turned out to be a truly breakout year for Minka Kelly.

    Kelly was named "The Sexiest Woman Alive" of 2010 by mens magazine, Esquire and would become engaged to New York Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter. 

    The 30-year-old stunner and Jeter first became a item in 2008 and officially became engage this past fall. Look for Kelly to continue to gain more buzz now that she is the soon-to-be Mrs. Derek Jeter.  

Conclusion : These 10 Women Made 2010 Very Entertaining

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    2010 was indeed a very interesting and entertaining year in both sports and entertainment.

    While there were other high profile women who made waves of their own, the Top 10 in this slide-show did things that simply changed sports in their own way. 

    What if Kristie Lee was not attacked verbally in New York, would Cliff Lee really be a Yankee?

    What about if Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, would MUFC be playing any different without it's top striker not being in such a media firestorm?

    And of course what if Tiger Woods never cheated, would he still be the #1 golfer in the world?  

    Would we even care about Matt Kemp?

    It makes you marvel and wonder at the individual beauty and influence that these WAG's had in 2010, let's just hope for another exciting year of intrigue.

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