The 11 Best 11s of College Football Week Three

BabyTateSenior Writer ISeptember 7, 2008

                            BABY TATE'S 11 BEST 11S: WEEK III


1. Ohio State

Laying low, just please don't throw them in the briarpatch.


2. Oklahoma

Like the yards per possession the Sooners are turning out.


3. Southern California

Had the week off, so, really, no comment.


4. Florida

Probably could have beaten Miami by 40 if the game had lasted a little longer.


5. Georgia

Very unimpressive so far. The Bulldogs are probably getting ready to show what they've got.


6. Missouri

The kid at quarterback (Chase Daniel) reminds me of Doug Flutie. This is a really solid team.


7. Texas Tech

So, now we know they can win a defensive struggle on the road.


8. Arizona State

Dennis Erickson has won two national championships, just like Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden.


9. Auburn

This team will do well later in the season, can it stay unbeaten until then?


10. Alabama

Got through the letdown game; ready to roll now.

11. Penn State

Solid defense and modified offensive sets come from good coaching.


On The Porch

California, Wake Forest, LSU, and Texas


Conference Breakdown of 11 best 11s

SEC (4), Big 12 (3), Big Ten (2), Pac-10 (2)