Rex Ryan Foot Video: See Michelle Ryan's Feet

Elliott PohnlFeatured ColumnistDecember 22, 2010

Rex Ryan Foot Video: See Michelle Ryan's Feet

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    Rex Ryan's foot video and the chance to see wife Michelle Ryan's feet continue to burn up the magical Interwebs late Wednesday.

    In a matter of hours, the videos went from being seen by few to watched by millions, with no real explanation as to where they came from.

    Well, at least not until now, that is.

    Here's a look at the complete collection of Michelle allegedly in action, with a little bit of background on how exactly this story developed.

You Sexy Bookworm, You

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    Apparently, this all started with a little email sent to the editors of Deadspin and Busted Coverage.

    There was no demand for money, instead a simple question.

    Are these Michelle Ryan's feet?

Is It The Socks?

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    The concerned emailer noticed the videos on YouTube under an account with the username ihaveprettyfeet.

    The account disappeared at some point last season, but the videos were rediscovered.

    Thank goodness...

Quietly Creepy

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    After receiving the emails and links to the videos, Deadspin ran with the story.

    And reporters ran to the New York Jets asking questions.

    Of course, Rex told reporters that the issue at hand was a private matter.

    Even though it is on YouTube?

Can Rex Lend a Hand to Her Feet?

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    So, this might be the strangest video of them all.

    The audio, if genuine, is just completely creepy in every possible way.

    Don't be surprised if more of these little clips keep popping up in the next few days.

    What better way to enjoy the holidays than by gathering around the computer and staring at some toes?