McLaren Set to Appeal FIA Belgium Decision

Adam PooleAnalyst ISeptember 7, 2008

McLaren have confirmed that they will be appealing against the FIA's decision to add 25 seconds to Lewis Hamilton's finish time of yesterdays's Belgium Grand Prix at Spa.

The British driver was in second position for most of the race, behind the very strongly driven Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen.  However, as is mostly the case at Spa, two laps from the end, and it started to rain.

Lewis was right behind Kimi when they entered the 'Bus Stop' chicane and after a couple of close call's Lewis had to use the escape route to avoid any danger, Lewis gained first place, but as the FIA law states, he dropped back and gave up the advantage.

Farther down the straight, Hamilton made a very quick move and passed Raikkonen on the inside, gaining position one, once again.  A superb bit of driving from the 22-year old saw him go on to win the race, despite staying on dry Bridgestone tires.  Kimi Raikkonen spun and crashed into the barrier at the start of the final lap.

The track was wet enough to add 36 seconds per lap to the average lap time, but as we all know, Lewis Hamilton and the McLaren are "kings of wet racing."

Shortly after the race, this incident was investigated by the Formula One governing body, FIA and Lewis had 25 seconds added to his final time (roughly the time it takes to do a drive-through penalty), this put him into third position and saw Ferrari's Fillipe Massa go on to take the win.

Now to see what you think.  We are urging Formula One fans to view this video.

And then, if you agree with the appeal, please sign this petition.

Why should a race be won or lost in an office, especially, when no rules were broken?  McLaren and Lewis played by the rules, unlike some Formula One teams do regarding pit-lane safety.