Reggie Bush of the Saints Takes a Giant Step Towards Proving You Wrong

russ autinCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2008

I can hear it now, "One game doesn't prove anything." Admit it, that's what you are gonna say so stuff it. Even worse, your thinking of pretending like you supported him all along. Ether way when he was down you relished kicking him and you know it.

Now that he is maturing into the player you thought he should be, you should be man (or woman) enough to say "you know, maybe I was wrong", but knowing you, I doubt it. By you, I mean all of you in the press and the fans who judged him. The word "bust" comes to mind. How many stories have I read about Reggie where this word was the theme? "The most over hyped player" one such story said (you know who you are).

Let me ask you this, if Bush goes on to have a great season, will you admit you were wrong in public for all to read? Or will you pretend to have not said the things you've said? I 'm betting on the latter.

It takes a while for most college players to transition to the NFL. Players like Peyton Manning are the exception of the rule, but when I told you that, you said something like "all a running back has to do is hit the hole." To this day, I think that's the dumbest thing anyone who claims to know football has ever said to me.

I know one game doesn't prove anything, but I'm willing to wait and see before I start throwing stones. For you it's too late.