Mouthing Off: The Irony in TNA's "Eliminate the Hate" Campaign

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIIDecember 22, 2010

TNA Eliminate the Hate Campaign Courtesy of TNA Wrestling
TNA Eliminate the Hate Campaign Courtesy of TNA Wrestling

One of my first articles on B/ was about the “Stand Up for WWE” campaign and how WWE used it during their shows.

I basically expressed my feelings towards Vince and the idea of what is truly going on “behind the scenes” of WWE.

After the elections ended and the “Stand Up for WWE” campaign was labeled an utter failure, a new and improved campaign was established in the wrestling world.

This time from TNA, entitled “Eliminate the Hate”.

This is an anti-bullying campaign directed to the public, featuring TNA talent.

The campaign urges people to stop the hate directed at people who are different due to race, creed, sexuality, etc.

However, while watching this campaign directed towards “anti-bullying,” I came to realize the irony within the campaign itself!

If you honestly think about it, professional wrestling is one of the biggest “bullying” sports in the world.

The irony about the sport itself is that you can continuously count name after name of notable white heavyweight champions, but not even a select handful have become heavyweight champion who are Black or Hispanic!

So, how can a sports organization like TNA support a campaign like “Eliminate the Hate,” but still express the same values of the bullies who are picking on innocent people in the same manner?

Seems like another campaign is about to bite the dust!

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