Las Vegas Bowl 2010: Boise State v. Utah Cheerleader Showdown

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 22, 2010

Las Vegas Bowl 2010: Boise State v. Utah Cheerleader Showdown

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    Las Vegas Bowl 2010 features Boise State v. Utah. This is the last bowl game featuring two top 20 teams going head-to-head before New Years. So, get in while the getting is good.

    With the bright lights of Sin City staring down at these two teams, who will be the first to blink. It is a game with much at stake. So who will win? Well that is for another slide show.

    For this article I want to concentrate on the match-up that really maters. The one that ensues on the sidelines. Yes, this is a cheerleader showdown of epic proportions. Trust me. You don't want to miss a thing. 

Tale of the Tape: Boise State

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    Conference: WAC

    2010 W-L: 11-1

    All-time Bowl W-L: 6-4

    Notes: The Boise State season was undone by a late loss to Nevada. The Broncos were then left to settle for the Las Vegas bowl. Tonight Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore will be looking to send a message and make minced meat of the Utes. 

Tale of the Tape: Utah

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    Conference: Mountain West

    2010 W-L: 10-2

    All-time Bowl W-L: 13-3

    Notes: The Utah Utes have a tall task tonight against the Boise State Broncos. They will attempt to stop one of the most prolific offenses in the nation. They have had trouble on that side of the ball before. They lost in grand fashion to both TCU and Notre Dame. 

Boise State Cheer: Up Close

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    Here are the lady Broncos at cheer camp.

    That is like band camp, only with much less music and way too much cheer. 

Utah Cheer: Up Close

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    Here are Utah Utes enjoying a pep rally before last year's Sugar Bowl.

    Utah won that game.

    Is there enough magic in the air to take down Boise State this time around?

Boise State: The Swan

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    I tried to accomplish this feat.

    Someone please call a doctor.

    I have only been left with the ability to type and nothing else. 

Utah: Sexy Lineup

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    There are not many times in life that staring at a lineup is a good thing.

    This happens to be one of those rare occasions where it is a very good thing. 

Boise State: All Smiles

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    Last time this many girls smiled at me at once was at my 13th birthday celebration at TGIFridays. The waitresses all sang to me then gave me a birthday cake that provided dysentery for a week.

    Let's hope this does not end the same way. 

Utah: The Whole Crew

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    That would be the entire cheer squad. How much cheer is too much cheer? This much cheer.

    Being this close to Christmas, I will make an exception. 

Boise State: Again?

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    I had just stated that this many girls gawking at me makes me uncomfortable. Now I have to go to my happy place.

    If you need me I will be at Chipotle. 

Utah: They Have Legs

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    Did you check out the gams on these girls? Well if you didn't, you should.

    I provided the picture and everything. Don't be lazy, check them out. 

Boise State: Interesting

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    I don't know what has me befuddled more, the strange face the Laura Dern lookalike is doing, or the life size Captain Jack Sparrow.

    I will go ahead and pretend I dreamt this. 

Utah: Unity

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    Cheerleader rings, activate. Give me power of, tremendous glee.

    There that should do the trick. 

Boise State: Levitation

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    Here we have the Broncos playing the time tested game of "light as a feather, stiff as a board."

    As you can see...Holy God, it works. 

Utah: Yay

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    The Utah fans have a lot to be thankful for this season. One thing is their highly bloated preseason ranking.

    And who said pollsters were always correct? Not me. 

Boise State: Cheer Face

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    This is the exact moment before the Broncos release their loudest most feared cheer.

    You won't be able to resist standing on your feet to shout "Go, Broncos."

    What can I say, these girls are good. 

Utah: Well Balanced

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    You have to give it to these girls, they are wildly talented.

    The men holding them up aren't bad either.

    I would need four guys and a fork lift to get me in the air. 

Boise State: Mixed Signals

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    So I was going to hit on these girls but I am getting mixed signals.

    The one on the left is releasing onto me a vexing curse and the one on the right is telling me all will be alright.

    I'll just be over here in that happy place I keep talking about. 

Utah: Need a Good Kicker?

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    The Utah Utes are shown here making fun of Broncos kicker Kyle Brotzman. 

    Not funny ladies, your chants of "wide left" are however very funny. 

Boise State: Three Is a Crowd

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    Three may be a crowd but I like crowds.

    I especially like crowds that involve cute blond co-eds. Those are the best. 

Utah: Cute Coeds

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    Here we have some cutie Utes before game time.

    Except the one in the middle. She is ugly.

    All her friends call her Hawk face.

    I do not condone bullying. So points will be deducted Utah. 

Boise State: Beautiful

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    Boise State girls are quite beautiful. This match may just come down to the wire.

    I do like to think that this cheerleader is pointing directly at me.

    That will give you bonus points Broncos. You're welcome. 

Utah: Good God

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    It is one thing to be limber. It is quite another to completely move limbs to where they should not belong.


Boise State: Awesome

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    This is the beginning of either the most wonderful or most uncomfortable hat ever.

    Either way, I don't think this is what boosters had in mind when they mentioned Broncos hats. 

Utah: Victory?

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    Did the Utes show us enough to claim the prize as top cheer squad. Only time will tell. But these girls seem to think so. 

Boise State: Who Wins?

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    Both squads posed great talents and amazing beauties.

    But sadly there can be only one winner. 

Utah Wins

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    You did it Utes.

    There is no reason to even take the field tonight.

    You have just won the more prestigious cheerleader showdown.

    Hoist the banners.

    Plan the parade. 


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    Boise State will win the game tonight.

    See, I told you not to even take the field.

    The Broncos' offense is just too deadly.

    Hate mail can be forwarded to the comments section below. 

Utah: Parting Shot

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    There is no need to give me those mad faces. I will always keep you Utes close to my heart.